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Question #1297159845Tuesday, 8-Feb-2011
Category: Benefit and Supervision Math and science Advice INTj ENFp
I have an INTj professor, should I drop his class? I signed up for a class that teaches you how to do all the math for chemistry, which I really need to know, except 2 problems. 1. He doesn't really "teach" He more so writes down what he knows, with no steps to understanding the process. I don't think I'll be learning anything. 2. The teacher froths white liquid at the mouth. I don't know if he has rabies, or what, but I can't even pay attention in class because I'm trying to not regurgitate. I'm having a hard time not puking right now at the thought. He was hired because he was a SR. VP of a chemical engineering company, but this is his first class as an instructor. If we had another instructor, who had better teaching skills I definitely think I could learn something, but I don't know what to do. I need learn how to do the math for chemistry, I'm a science major! Are there any other ways of learning? Would letting the administration know and dropping the class hurt his feelings? Am I being selfish? I don't know what to do, I have like 2 days to decide whether to drop the class or not. Opinions? -- ENFp
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A1 "He doesn't really "teach" He more so writes down what he knows, with no steps to understanding the process. I don't think I'll be learning anything." He's not an INTj. -- Anonymous
A2 Do what makes the most sense to YOU. -- Anonymous
A3 @A1- What do you think he is? -- Anonymous
A4 Drop the class and move to another science class or place of education if you can, even if you've got to start again next year. It is a completely valid reason to quit the course. Tell the administrator about why you are leaving, about his personal problems and that he will not give step by step instructions and will not go in to detail about what he is teaching. You would tell the administrator if he smelt! He is not a good teacher and this could ruin your chances of getting the qualification. The college needs to know what he is like and if he has so little regard for his students (not giving instructions) then he might not care what people think about him anyway and if you talk to the administrator your are not offendng him directly. Also find out what the other students think as you may be able to go to the administrator together. It is your money that is paying for the course, you want to get value for money and it is your future. -- ESTJ Female
A5 I think A1 is BS-ing. -- Anonymous
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A6 He's not INTJ. Te is INTJ's auxilarity function which generally means they're good for teaching -- Anonymous
A7 A4 P.S. If you go with some of the other students from your class to the administrator then you might be able to persuade the college to get another instructor so you (and other students) might not have to drop out after all. Because if you are finding his habits hard to deal with then you can bet other students are too. Also, I know exactly what you are writing about because I know an INTJ (tested) who froths. He's a lovely guy but you wouldn't want to kiss him. -- ESTJ Female
A8 to A6 You are meaning MBTI INTJ. Here it's Socionics: INTj is TiNeSiFe -- piccolo_michel
A9 Drop the class if there are no tutors and/or teaching assistants who can help you succeed. Also, consider meeting with him during office hours to help you figure things out. Notifying administration is not just a good idea, it's your duty as a good citizen. People's future science careers are at stake and if your teacher isn't good at teaching, he needs to be informed of what is wrong, preferably by administration. They might tell him to use different teaching methods. Don't worry about his feelings, people drop classes all the time for many different reasons and it's not insulting to the professors. -- Anonymous
A10 If everybody dropped the class the college would wonder what was going on. I know he's a *harmless* INTJ but do not meet him on your own after hours if your going to question his teaching because he might cut up rough and go to the administrator to say bad things about you and this will come back to bite you. If you have to question is teaching go through a third party. I don't think you should even go to him for extra study help after hours either but you will not want to go in to depth in your subject if you cannot stand him slavering. Don't learn the hard way that this is not the time to be loyal. -- ESTJ Female
A11 What does it mean to call someone a "*harmless* INTJ"? To further elaborate, what functions and personality type are you denoting here (since this is a socionics site and you're using MBTI abbreviations)? Also, what does the qualifying descriptor mean (ie. is there a harmless/harmful personality) and what does that change? -- Anonymous
A12 According to this website, the socionics classification is directly correlated to the MBTI classification in defining ones personality. Therefore, A6 is completely justified in using Myers-Briggs notation. -- Anonymous
A13 A12: An INTj (socionics) and INTJ (MBTI) denote two entirely different things; the former denotes dominant Ti with secondary Ne and the latter dominant Ni with secondary Te. Which are entirely 2 different personality types. Hence the need to be clear as to which functions a person is emphasizing. Furthermore, this is a socionics site, and when there is non-standardized use of either function theory (socionics or MBTI) without qualifying the underlying functions, then the accuracy and efficacy of communication between posters becomes severely compromised. -- Anonymous
A14 A12: Not true. Please see: -- Anonymous
A15 For some people whether you see a particular personality type as good or bad might depend or your type. For example there is plenty of ESTJ or (j) bashing by INFPs all over the internet. I don't really HATE any type but I do seem to like INTJs in general (and some types hate INTJs) as I think they are very reasonable people but anybody can take things the wrong way which may lead to them to complaining to other people and therefore inadvertently giving you a bad name especially if this person does not think you should be questioning their 'superior knowledge'. The INTJ (tested) I know gets rattled even if you slightly question what goes on in his mind. -- ESTJ Female
A16 A13, 4-letter code for type itself means only preferences/dichotomies (wich are the same in essence in both typologies), so INTJ - the same thing in socionis and MBT. MBT theory about functions sequence is not as at Jung and is wrong (ask Jungians or read his book). -- Anonymous
A17 A16: Read again. Yes, you are entirely correct in saying that "the 4-letter code for type itself means only preferences/dichotomies." The part you get wrong is linking MBTI and Socionics 4-letter abbreviations as meaning the same thing. Let's use a different type to illustrate this example: In MBTI, an INFP is a 4-letter abbreviation that denotes a person who uses Introverted Feeling (Fi) as the primary function with Extraverted Intuition (Ne) as a secondary (or creative) function. Contrast this with socionics, where you take the exact same 4 letters (I, N, F and P) but this time, you do not capitalize the "P". This leaves you with INFp. Now these 4 letters (the same ones as above) written in the manner that we just described (not capitalizing the last letter) are used to denote that a person uses a primary function of Introverted Intuition (Ni) with a secondary function of Extraverted Feeling (Fe). So we can see that despite the fact that we have used the EXACT same 4 letters in both of the above examples, the capitalization of those letters denotes ENTIRELY different personality types within the two systems in question. Thus, when someone says "INFP", especially on a socionics site, the question arises as to whether that person is trying to indicate someone with Fi/Ne or Ni/Fe. To expand on this INFP example, imagine now that someone asks a question about the INFP type, and the next poster responds using the term "INFp." Alright, so the original poster used "INFP" which in MBTI means Fi/Ne, but the second poster used "INFp" which in socionics means Ni/Fe. So, what the heck are they talking about? Are they even talking about the same thing? Is this discussion going to be at all useful if they don't know whether they are on the same page? Why on a socionics site are we mixing socionics and MBTI theory and attempting to pass off our discussions as beneficial? But, I digress. In closing, this particular example holds true for any of the introverted types (including the ones in this thread) between the two systems, and demonstrates the clear difference between the two systems. Now, if you're arguing that between the two systems, someone with dominant Ni and Secondary Te (INTJ or INTp - note the use of capitalization) regardless of the abbreviation, that the two theories are therein compatible, then you would be mostly correct, although keep in mind that the abbreviations still differ in their notation (which is the current point of discussion). Finally, whether these two theories are congruent with Jung's orginial writings or not is not the focus of the current discussion, and shall be addressed in this post. -- Anonymous
A18 Clarification to the above: 1) Congruency with Jung is *not* going to be discussed in this post. -- Anonymous
A19 A17 Blah Blah Blah, I test as INTJ and INTj; even though they're "supposed" to be conflicting. It's the same **** no matter how hard people try to argue otherwise. They're simply covering different branches of the same tree. This was all stolen from Jung and twisted and altered with minimal tweaks while having someone slap a new label on an original theory in a different name and making it their "own". If they were soooo different wouldn't I be a different type in MBTI and Socionics. Because as you highlighted, you can't have both an Fi/Ne and Ni/Fe function as a INFP/p can you? People make such a big deal over such a simple Capital or lower-case letter. Which proves to be a meaningless argument in most cases. Kind of like two kids arguing that the other didn't eat all his food because he has 3 crumbs on his plate. This is all BS PR to get people to prefer the "new" not at all different Socionics over MBTI. I think I might come out with a theory called "Another Taken from Jung" Theory and switch the order the letters are in and... Viola a "new" theory is born. Then try to make a case that the order of the letters means something ENTIRELY different than all other theories. LOL Come on, GTFOutta here. This is non-sense. The only evident improvement is between Jung and MBTI; where the 16 types were introduced. Everything after seems to be people just nit-picking at these two theories. -- MBTI and Socionics INTJ
A20 Type does not qualify anyone for a profession, nor does it disqualify. Intelligence, education, competence and type are mutually exclusive. Don't assume that because a person has one of these characteristics, then they must have or not have one of the others. -- Anonymous
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