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Question #1297111015Monday, 7-Feb-2011
Category: Benefit and Supervision Relationship ESFj INFp
I'm not sure I see how an INFp is the supervisor of the ESFj. I'm an INFp, and sure, I have found my self in many situations with them where I easily have the upper hand. But in terms of how society sees us (and this is what socionics is supposed to explain, right?), I doubt the INFp has the upper hand - compared to the outwardly perfect, organized, respectable and responsible ESFj, I'm sure INFps look like one wild, immature mess. Even if the INFp is right, who will take their word over the socially acceptable ESFj? -- Anonymous
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A1 it's not black and white like that - it's not necessarily "this person is right this person is wrong". and socionics relations only apply in close relationships and work. but maybe you should read wikisocion's description of a Ni PoLR. i've copied and pasted it for your convenience - The individual prefers to focus on immediate tasks, taking things as they come, rather than try to evaluate the outcome of present trends. Inclination to tell stories or narrate events on a sequential basis, rather than outlining how one event led to another. He perceives time in an undifferentiated manner: the past, present, and future are all perceived as being in or near the present. When talking about the future, especially one's longer-term plan, the individual treats it as if it were accessible today and often is not aware of all the developments that must happen first. He generally has a poor sense of how long things will take and what the best amount of time to spend on things is. Therefore it is difficult for him to stay on schedule without extensive, even total, pre-planning. .......... so basically a IEI can make an ESE feel as if they can't prioritize, and many ESE's show up late for things as they can't tell if this vs. that is more important... sorry if this sounded messy lol... -- Anonymous
A2 Thanks A1. I do feel a lot more "chill" in comparison to a particular, textbook ESFj I know, who is usually flustered and easily swayed by others and always hurrying to do something which I don't think is important. But they look like an industrial busy bee, while I come off as a stoned slacker. So, socionics applies only to the interaction between 2 people, but once they are in public or with a group it doesn't apply? Or the dynamics change? That's what I'm getting.. -- Anonymous
A3 I would think that in an extroverted situation it would be harder to see how you are supervising an ESFj. After all, they have base , and can probably gather everyone around them with much more ease than you can as an INFp. Supervision is usually more uncomfortable for introtims who are being supervised by extrotims, as extrotims are more "in your face" about your problems and how they are going to help you (or force you to) fix them. For you to really see your supervision "in action" as it were, you'd probably have to put more of your out there, demonstrating that not only do you have an adequate strength of , like the ESFj, but you also have a kind of awareness and control where the ESFj is clueless - that would make the ESFj much more conscious of your position of psychological authority over them. I think that we INFx types (I'm an INFj) don't usually come off like supervisors since we prefer to be subdued and take cues based on other people. -- Anonymous
A4 Thumbs up to A3. -- INFp guy
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