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Question #1297111002Monday, 7-Feb-2011
Category: ESTp INTj ENTp ENFj Personality
How does an ESTp act around an INTj, ENTp (alpha) and ENFj, INFp (beta) respectively? Any personal experiences? -- Anonymous
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A1 Click on the "Relations" tab at the top of the page and scroll down. (ESTp + INTj) = ESTp is supervisor, INTj is supervisee (ESTp + ENTp) = Look-a-like (ESTp + ENFj) = Activity (ESTp + INFp) = Duality -- Anonymous
A2 I was wondering more in, not how a supervision relationship looks, but how an ESTp supervising and INTj would look. Same for the rest. I was thinking that an ESTp would probably be exasperated with INTj's poor social skills, would say it to their face, then take them to a bar and tell them to what to do in order to take a girl home. Of course the INTj will not be able to follow through, lacking in Se as he is, thus causing further exasperation. But ESTp will like INTj's rational ability, and if he foresees a way in which that will be useful, will stay on amiable terms with the INTj. With an ENTp, I'm guessing there would a battle of the wits constantly going on. Though they would enjoy doing things together, each would secretly think they are superior to the other - the ESTp in his/her ability to make things happen, and the ENTp in his/her ability to conceive of better ideas. They would try to display this with subtle one-up-manship, not intended to provoke or anything. Not too sure about ESTp-ENFj and ESTp-INFp though... -- Anonymous
A3 My best friends are actually ENTp and INFp. I appreciate randomness and i love their company. I'd turn to my ENTp friend for crazy, wild, fun day out or to discuss about theoretical and scientific things which i know no one appreciate it better than him. And I'd turn to my INFp friend when I just want to chill and talk in depth emotionally, my INFp friend calms me down better than anyone else. As for INTj, I got one in my class; couple first weeks of the semester we had to be in the same group for a project and he'd roll his eyes on me for stupid things that i said or did, the turning point was when i helped him with a practical task which he found really complex. We got along pretty well now; I really enjoy his sense of humour. -- estpfemale
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