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Question #1296982140Sunday, 6-Feb-2011
Category: ENTp Career Advice
What are some careers that would satisfy an ENTp? -- Anonymous
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A1 Anything that requires subtle yet manipulative handling of people to meet your own ends...a lawyer, or maybe entrepreneur. Also something that allows you to rub elbows with powerful people and thereby gain some for your own without having to bust out your weak charisma and likability -- Anonymous
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A2 Sounds good but do you have any examples? -- Anonymous
A3 This may not be a realistic job, but I always thought the textbook example of an ENTp was Jafar, from Aladdin. He holds an advisory, behind-the-scenes role so he doesn't have to endear himself to the masses or anything, but he definitely wants the spotlight, on his own terms. To do this he easily manipulates everyone around him who seem to be more concerned with "feelings," be it or . Sorry its a negative example, I'm sure there are helpful advisors too.. can't think of any though, they turn out to be more ENTj. Anyone? -- Anonymous
A4 Anything that is inventive and creative and even better if it involves team work. Their favorite thing is to brainstorm ideas with people and turning them into reality. I know 2 entp, one is a film director, the other one is a journalist/author. -- sophie
A5 stocktrading, coming up with inventive systems , as well as freedom oriented , applying thought processes to external environment which is not entp but close enough lol, looking at overall world economic picture, predicting events given a combination of criteria yes indeed -- Anonymous
A6 A5 has probably the best answer thus far. -- Anonymous
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