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Question #1296636977Wednesday, 2-Feb-2011
Category: INTp INTj Relationship
Do INTs break up? -- ESFp
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A1 INTj can, and very easily when the relationship is seen to be on a destructive path. -- Anonymous
A2 Yes, after coming to the conclusion that the relationship cannot be soundly sustained. Whatever problems exist have sadly proven to be impossible to resolve through any further personal effort on their end. All personal strategies to correct the situation have been tried, but failed, including the solicitation or opportunities for corrective intervention by the other party. And such options for resolution are constrained by the limits of all moral principles they are personally committed to. -- Anonymous
A3 A1 and A2 had it exactly. Only when certain details exist and the INT knows well that he or they cannever overcome them, then he will easily break it up simply as a matter of course. Otherwise he probably won't want to make a decision about the relationship. -- Anonymous
A4 yes we do but it depends how long we've been with that person. It takes a lot of thinking on the part of the INTP. INTJs seem to break off relationships quite easily. -- Anonymous
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A5 I'm an INTJ, and I'm in a very ambiguous position regarding my current relationship. I think this is because I get conflicting information that I can't systematize - I can't tell how much of my partner's behavior is characteristic or situational, for example, because some important aspects of our life together, on his end, have changed dramatically over the course. Its hard to decide whether or not things will resolve themselves over time, though I haven't seen much improvement in response to my solicitations for change. I tend to set private ultimatums, but by the time I'm ready to cut my losses he has some master plan for fixing the basic complaints. I like master plans, and I like supporting him, but I don't know how much longer it can go on. What I'm trying to get at is that while I suspect many INT's can break it off in a clear-cut situation of inequity, we can also be paralyzed by the burden of situational ambiguity. I know he loves me, but am I being taken advantage of or am I merely lending my support in troubled times? Without knowing that answer, I can't make a decision. -- Anonymous
A6 INTJ here, and yes we can, and probably will, shut down a relationship. I won't say break it off, since personally I've consciously changed my actions so the other person decides that it is time to end it (I.E. Acting even more distant so they claim that we've lost the "spark") The thing that's hard to portray is that a lot of the time we really do think things in black and white; It's not a matter of "well I like the other person still, but I don't think it will work out" but instead more like "the upkeep isn't worth the benefits at this point" (at which point the INTJ has cut it off to at least themselves, and now just needs to break it to the other person somehow) -- Anonymous
A7 I was with an INTP guy for 2 years, and he tried to break up with me about 5 months in, but I convinced him to stick it out. We were both quite young when we met, and had never had experience with serious relationships. He had always been the one broken up with though. I ended up being the one to end it, because although we were similar in almost every way, (besides me being able to express my feelings better) I grew bored and felt like the relationship was not living up to it's potential. They are able to get over breakups easily though, because they are able to come to the realization that it is a part of life and a learning experience. -- INFx
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