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Question #1295385369Tuesday, 18-Jan-2011
Category: ESFj INTj Dating Advice
As an INTj, what are some suggestions for me to have success at online dating? What are the best ways to get ESFjs to visit my profile/respond to my messages? -- Dragifon (INTj)
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A1 1. Look at the type of guys the ESFj typically dates. 2. Become that. Thats pretty much it. One ESFj friend of mine will only date guys who have trucks and dress a certain way. Another ESFj friend will only date guys who treat her like crap and are gangsta. Having something they want works too, like alcohol or money. -- Anonymous
A2 Gee, thanks for the help.... X| -- OP
A3 this is cheesy & overly general.. but be you & highlight the things that are YOU (in your profile in this case) obviously you dont want to date someoene who likes a false persona you created and, plus, esfj's are in theory supposed to be attracted to intj's.. so by being authentic your intj-ness will come across (and hopefully draw them in lol). I say this because I have a few intj freinds & sometimes they feel like they have to be un-like who they are in order to have social/dating success. Be proud of who you are. Be open to learn and work on weaknesses but dont be fake. -- Tricia (entp)
A4 serioulsy enfp kicks the ass compared to esfj ( actually anything does compared to esfj) plus usually they will have other esfj friends this will send u right bananas, they are narrow minded and so into themselves this is coming from an enfp too ! enfp will at worst (when talking N stuff) be interested in what u have to say esfj cant even handle the lowly and more primitive N of the enfp let alone the powerful N ( ie Ne and iT) of the intj. -- Anonymous
A5 My ENFP sister and mother bore the crap out of me. I dunno what A4 is talking about. -- - LII
A6 Esfjs are moralists. You'll find loads of them at church. Check at clubs. My mother is an esfj, anywhere to meet people is where she was at -- Whitney
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