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Question #1291331671Thursday, 2-Dec-2010
Category: Appearance Celebrities INFj Personality INTp
what type would julian assange be ? (ie the founder of wikileaks website) maybe intp? -- Anonymous
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A1 Julian Assange, INTJ, (1.Ni, 2.Te), Coordinators, Masterminds, Investigator, The outside contractor, Temperamentally Apathetic, Interpersonally Unengaged, Expressively Impassive. Video: Julian Assange Explains Who The Bastards Are

-- jgbr
A2 NiTe is INTp in Socionics! -- piccolo_michel
A3 A2. I am confused about these uppercase, lowercase p and j letters. It is more accureate if I specify the first two functions. Addition to the above interview: Anderson Cooper, ESTJ, assertive, combative, demeaning and prone alcoholism. -- jgbr
A4 If the entire acronym is uppercase, it refers to the MBTI type (e.g. INTJ), while leaving the last letter lowercase denotes the Socionics type (INTj). Extroverts have the same order of functions if MBTI and socionics (not to say those two systems are equivalent or comparable), but introverts have them reversed. If you say Julian's primary functions are Ni then Te, you're referring to Socionics INTp, but an MBTI INTJ. Once again, this isn't to say that you can convert between the two by switching the last letter for introverts; the systems aren't really compatible, but that is how you determine the type by functions. -- Anonymous
A5 someone posted his okcupid profile on another forum the other day. under the "tests" tab you can see he took a myers-briggs test and scored ENFP. -- Anonymous
A6 A5. Sure. -- jgbr
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A7 for sure INTp or INTj. hes very withdrawn and unemotional which makes me think more INTp, but he does seem to make judgement calls like an INTj. id have to disagree with the a5 ENFp, espeacially as okcupid probably does not have the most accurate testing -- Anonymous
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