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Question #1289703138Sunday, 14-Nov-2010
Category: INFj Advice
I'm an infj and im finding it difficult to find myself. I have become quite cynical and depressed lately and am moving further away from my heart as time goes by. I don't know what is going on with me. Any suggestions how to get back in touch with my depth and intuition? -- Expander
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A1 Cynicism is a sign that one is locked into their own belief system too much, usually largely due to an environment that appears tainted or poisoned and not worthy of any further study. An IXXj would need to revise plans or concepts but to do so, a dramatic and permanent change of scene or environment may be necessary. -- I/O
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A2 Read up on meditation and "Eastern Religions" - Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam. I'm an INFj and all the INFjs I know are deeply spiritual. Remember - you are an introvert - we tend to define ourselves by our own perceptions. Look within yourself. Like I/O said, take a good look at your beliefs, goals, the people you care about. -- Anonymous
A3 Exercise. I'm an INFJ too and I can tell you that when I was exercising regularly I had a much more positive outlook. As INFJs we're very caring people so maybe there's a cause out there with your name on it that you could focus your energy on. For me, my big thing that keeps me going is animals. So whenever I'm feeling lost or out of touch, I just remind myself that there are so many animals out there who are being abused and neglected and need my help so I have to stay strong and focused, if not for me then definitely for them. -- Alex
A4 I am an INFJ myself and I was almost in the same state before for a long time. But then I started to read self improvement books on what I was having the most trouble with, such as fear/anxiety/social situations, I got out of it quickly and saw the better sides of life. So I would definitely recommend reading self improvement books on what interest you the most. In my case, I also listened to audiobooks which I liked a lot because it felt like someone was actually talking to me. -- INFJ female
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