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Question #1289491666Thursday, 11-Nov-2010
Category: Celebrities Typing
Lafayette Ronald "L. Ron" Hubbard was an American science fiction author who developed a self-help system called Dianetics which was first published in 1950. Over the following three decades Hubbard developed his self-help ideas into a wide-ranging set of doctrines and rituals as part of a new religion he called Scientology. Hubbard's writings became the guiding texts for the Church of Scientology and a number of affiliated organizations that address such diverse topics as business administration, literacy and drug rehabilitation. Hubbard was a controversial public figure, and many details of his life are still disputed. Many of these assertions are disputed by former Scientologists and researchers not connected with Scientology, who have written accounts that are sharply critical of Hubbard. What type was he? Ron Hubbard Interview

-- jgbr
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A1 ENTp -- Anonymous
A2 What makes you think that he is a thinker and not a feeler? -- jgbr
A3 I read ENTj on the American socionics site, I think... -- Simon the INFP
A4 A3. Well, the American Socionics site was completely wrong in typing Ron Hubbard. -- jgbr
A5 jgbr, "The 'spiritual disclipline' of Scientology involves ridding oneself of all emotional reactions to potentially personal questions and attacks. In addition, members are submitted to rigid rules of conduct." man he sure sounds like a feeler, doesn't he? ENTj. stop trolling, jgbr. and like i said last time, learn something about socionics before saying someone is wrong in their typings, on a SOCIONICS site. -- Anonymous
A6 Ron Hubbard was far far away from being an ENTJ. A5. Anonymous. It is time for you to face to the sad reality. You have been studying socionics for years and you have practically zero type-watching skills. I believe it is very frustrating for you that an amateur like me comes around and have incomparably better typing skills than you. The accuracy of the famous people section on the website is BELOW 50%. -- jgbr
A7 And you're some kind of guru? Get over yourself - you seem like one of those kinds of people no one likes because you can't admit when you're incorrect. It's like you get some sort of twisted pleasure from pushing your fallacies onto others. -- Anonymous
A8 sorry but you're just an egotistic ass. you're inflating your own ego even more if you think i care or if you think you are right more than what, 5% of the time? it's a shame if someone new were to come here and actually believe what you say. give one example of how he is whatever type you think he is. and for the record i know it is not just me getting annoyed with you, there are at least 5 others, and while we were all agreeing on types, you were persistently trolling other members and spamming celebrity type threads. see: simon cowell thread. you never replied back by the way. why not? did we hurt your feelings? if you actually do know socionics, list 5 socionics sites besides this one that you know, and the owners of them. i mean i'm really doubtful of a person's typings if they don't even know the difference between socionics and MBTI. tell me the functions of every type, in order 1-8, with their 3 LETTER type name rather than 4. i'm a bit skeptical if you can complete one of these things, i mean you still say "ENTJ" rather than ENTj, how it is in SOCIONICS. mods i hope you realize he is tainting the community and quite a few people have stopped posting here because of his annoying presence. -- Anonymous
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A9 ENFj -- gigi
A10 A7-A8. You are annoyed because I am actually quite accurate in my typings. An image of the 8 functions is the background picture on my computer... And now let us get back to Ron Hubbard who had the “excellent” idea of creating a new religion and replacing the Bible with a set of science fiction novels combined with self-help, well-known as Dianetics. -- jgbr
A11 Ron Hubbard, ENFP (1. Ne 2. Fi), "The Reporter", "The vigilant psychologist", Journalist, Reporter, Discoverer, Advocate, undaunted by risk, very sociable, driven towards the easy life, natural gift for inspiring others, dependent on their desires, strive for adventure, improvisation and unplanned actions. Pays the least attention possible to details. Has a characteristic ability to create a circle of friends and acquaintances and be at the center of attention. Emotional lability, Relationship insecurity, Needs extreme attention and affection, but acts unpredictably, manipulatively and volatile. Perplexing memories, enigmatic attitudes, contradictory needs, antithetical emotions, erratic impulses, and opposing strategies for conflict reduction. Impulsive hostility... -- jgbr
A12 I give it to you jgbr. I have a hard time believing he is a thinker. And seeing him just gave a solid feeler appearance instantly. Pair that with the ideas and concepts presented made it lock even more. ENFP, yeah, I can buy that. Convincingly. -- ENTp
A13 ENFj. You tend to get the last letter wrong. -- Anonymous
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