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Question #1287567203Wednesday, 20-Oct-2010
Category: Hidden Agenda ESFj ESTj Functions
I now know that the hidden agenda is based on a person's "mobilizing" function. For ESFJ's and ESTJ's, the mobilizing function is Ne, which results in having a hidden agenda of 'to be perfect'. Why is it that Ne (extroverted intuition) represents perfection? Also, how does the drive to be perfect manifest itself in these types? -- Doug
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A1 the expression "no one's perfect" can mean no one is without sin. The expression can mean no one is flawless as well. The hidden agenda of ESFJ and ESTJ can resemble moral perfection in one instance but resemble perfect objectivity in the sense of accomplishing a task to the point of perfection in another. "To be perfect" can mean desire like to be a perfect husband and to have a perfect wife or to be the perfect teacher and to have the perfect student. Ne represents perfection by expressing the essence of something but Ne types in the accepting and creating function can hardly be considered perfect in their own right. The dual pairs of ESFJ and ESTJ are considered to have high standards for themselves and others. That can shed light on the manner inwhich in a duality when one partners hidden agenda is "to be perfect" can be satisfy or inversely bring to light that they are not perfect. The same duality effect can occur for INTJ and INFJ who's hidden agenda is "to be healthy" which can bring satisfaction or disappointment. -- Anonymous
A2 Thanks for the answer A1, but I'm still not sure I really understand why Ne as a function represents the culmination of reaching perfection. I can understand better, for example, the INTJ/INFJ hidden agenda of 'to be healthy' as their mobilizing function of Si (introverted sensing) is responsible for the perception of physical/bodily sensation and health. -- Doug
A3 I see what you mean. I can think of a few different answers. Ne can mean spontaneous leadership. Ne can mean raising excitement. Ne can mean uncovering hidden meanings. Ne can mean telling what a certain behaviour really means. Ne is regarded as an expression of the subconscious which makes it difficult to comprehend. Ne perceives an object without having any affect on the object. Honestly I have to throw in the towel and admit I'm a bit stumped too. -- Anonymous
A4 I don't know the characterizations very well, but as INFJ married to an ESFJ: The extroverted intuition seems to indicate that values are derived impersonally and strongly from external observations (what society and family expects), rather then being strongly, internally formed and held beliefs (the hallmark of an INFJ as I understand - and experience it). -- Anonymous
A5 I think that 'to be perfect' means that everything runs unrealistically smoothly in your life with no hiccups, you get perfect grades at school, you walk in to the perfect job which is so secure you have a job for life and a good pension, you have a permenant marriage with the perfect partner ect who has also got a good job (and lots of money). I suppose that is why ESTJs act for the sake of stability and are very rule orientated. -- ESTJ Female
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