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Question #1286046231Saturday, 2-Oct-2010
Category: Fictional characters Typing
Which type is Luna Lovegood from "Harry Potter"? TANK YOU VERY MUCH! -- Anonymous
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A1 Ooh, out of all the characters in the series, I was most curious about her type. I'd like to put INFp into consideration. She is most often characterized as "dreamy", with an obsession with supernatural things (things which even people in the wizarding world find bizarre and unlikely). This, combined with her somewhat reclusiveness makes her peers label her as a freak ("Looney Lovegood"). From this I'd pull the letters I, N, F, and P, although I'm not sure if they combine to form a perfect picture of Luna. Anybody know which letters I ought to change, if any? -- Random INTj
A2 INTP -- Anonymous
A3 Hello Random Intj. I agree with the introversion, feeling and perceiving preferences. I am not sure about the intuition. I observe vacillation pattern in Evanna's behavior which makes her ISFP. Watch the two video carefully and try to find some similarities. I need more time to validate this. Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood) interview

ISFP video

-- jgbr
A4 INTp, she's not an F -- Anonymous
A5 A4-she can't be an INTp.INTp's ave extremely rational.Mybe an INTj,because INTj's can be very spiritual,but INTj's aren't weird.I agree she is an ISFp.Why do you think she is not an F'?she seem to be interesed in people's feelings. -- Anonymous
A6 To jgbr, is VI really an ideal way to type a fictional character? Even if we agree that the actress does a fine job portraying the character as she is in the book, we still hit a wall. Does the actress necessarily need to be the same type as the character she portrays? Isn't it likely that she's played other characters of different types? To the other posters, what behavior convinces you that Luna is a Thinking type? -- Random INTj
A7 A6. I am Sorry. I did not pay attention. It is not accurate to type a fictional character unless the writer uses Jungian typology. Nowadays typology is a necessity for writers and film directors. Luna Lovegood can be a thinking type. Evanna Lynch, who plays this role in the Harry Potter film is likely to be an ISFP. -- jgbr
A8 A5 - I say she's a T for several reasons: she's in Ravenclaw, which distinguishes itself by its rationality; also, anyone can be interested in people's feelings, but it doesn't affect her much, and she's definitely not a people-person. For example, she talks about her mother dying and the fact that people make fun of her in a completely detached, objective manner. Fs would take such things much more personally. Also, why do you say she is spiritual just because she's into weird, non-mainstream things? I think she might very well be an INTj, now. INTjs are definitely weird, there's a whole uncovered article on how weird they are. And its not because they are irrational, but because they live completely in their own world and stick to their hobbies/beliefs regardless of what anyone thinks of them. -- poster of A4
A9 She's the most infp-ish character ever written. -- Anonymous
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