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Question #1284248059Saturday, 11-Sep-2010
Category: ENFj ESFj ESFp
How do you tell if you are a ESFj, ESFp or ENFj? -- -j
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A1 There have been some questions about telling apart ESFps and ESFjs, you might want to read those. ENFjs are quite easy to tell, unlike ESFjs and us they always stand out. They're very talkative, have strong and clear opinions about most things and especially people and relationships. They usually make good natural leaders - coaches, teachers, pastors, managers. While ESFjs and us, we mostly have the "live and let live" attitude (it's been said here that we have that attitude and ESFjs don't, but it's mostly not true. I know some seven or eight ESFjs and only one of them shows some tendency to try and change people.) What also helps is using VI. I don't agree completely with the ESFp description here but the first part about VI telltale signs is perfect. Your friends can tell you whether you have the lively, very "present" eyes that are constantly scanning the surrounding. Also, the basic VI difference between ESFps and ESFjs is that you get the feeling about ESFps that our eyes, nose and mouth (which, if the ESFp is feeling OK, is always ready to smile broadly) are the most visible parts of our bodies and all the other ones somehow stay behind (even literally). While ESFjs have more regular features, a bit more upright posture and eyes usually more wide apart. If you want to have some fun VIing an ESFj and an ESFp, watch some of the first episodes of the M.A.S.H. series. There's a lot of Alan Alda and Wayne Rogers side by side, and Alda is an ESFj and Rogers an ESFp (at least in my opinion). Apart from VI, you can ask yourself what fits you most and appeals to you: "tasks" (created mostly by yourself)(ESFp), "work" (either for a living or for your friends and family to be healthy, satisfied and have fun) (ESFj) or "achieving something" (ENFj)? You see, ESFps don't work, they start and finish tasks, and finishing one task their mind is on holiday or on another task already; ESFjs do work (though they're not the most hard-working ones, as some people here think, they like their comfort from time to time) and ENFjs achieve, they make ideas and dreams come true and help others in this, too. They're the ones most prone to try and change the world and can spoil the most and achieve the most of us three. Both ESFj and ESFps also like to help people fulfill their dreams but it's always something small-scale. Like an ESFp or an ESFj will help a friend who wants to become a figure-skater by becoming enthusiastic for him and encouraging him (ESFp), finding out the pros and cons of this profession (ESFj), buying him a pair of skates and recommending a good stadium, while an ENFj will become his coach. -- Ezis (ESFp)
A2 This is very helpful! I started reading wikisocion's type descriptions since the ones on this site are kinda lacking to me, and I have to honestly say I feel more ESTp from the good to the bad (but mostly the good ). I wonder if people say I V.I. as a feeler, because I'm a woman? How do Female ESTp's V.I. in your opinion? -- -j
A3 Hmm, well here are some famous ESTp's: Madonna, Courtney Love, Pink, Gwen Stefani, Rihanna may be but all is for sure is that she is Beta irrational, maybe Blake Lively, Amy Winehouse. -- Anonymous
A4 Well, I think at least two of them are strongly similar to me. Perhaps of the Ti subtype? -- Anonymous
A5 which 2? oh also add jessica alba to the list. -- Anonymous
A6 Gwen Stefani in particualr. I see similarities in how I speak and pose when I look at pics of madonna and watch her in interviews. And Alba is a bit similar as well. I smile and carry myself a bit like her. Do you think that Megan Fox is also a ESTp? She reminds me of these types. -- Anonymous
A7 ESFJ - Kind of sweet, sensitive, flamboyant, moody & crazy. The one I know very well is all about his tastes (in food, music, style, color, art, etc). A little neurotic and paranoid sometimes though, especially when you bring up the concept of the future . Chaotic/expressive eyes. ESFPs are not as expressive as Fe-types (when they use Fe, they're being smartass or goofing around.) The one I know is a party animal, focused on constant action and his close relationships. Image, appearence, and status-symbol obsessed. Focused, intense eyes. EIEs - Insane, a lot more dramatic. Tend to give of this kind of challenging, intense, wild vibe. Spacier look in their eyes. To A5 & A6: Not so sure about Rhianna, ESTP women are usually damn tough and have been around the block. Rhianna is wimpy. And I seriously doubt Jessica Alba is a ESTP too...I know a true ESTP-Se woman that would make her seem like a total lightweight. The ESTP-Se I know - she cracks radical jokes, tells loud dramatic stories about her wild life and past, laughs loudly, smokes & drinks, has no problem with fighting, has a 6-page rapsheet, a total man intimidator. She's a total badass. Alba's more like a ESFP. I think Megan Fox is probably a ESTP, yeah. But as soon as she opens her mouth, she kind of loses the ESTP vibe. Pink I know is a ESTP. Courtney Love and Madonna are probably ESTPs too...even though Madonna could be something else, not positive about her. -- ISTJ-Se
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