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Question #1282558722Monday, 23-Aug-2010
Category: Career Business Personality Sport
What are common personality types for successful athletes? I've googled this, but I can't seem to find anything. -- Alexander D
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A1 ISTp -- Anonymous
A2 The reason why you can't find anything is because there is most likely little correlation, if any at all. -- SLI
A3 Keep in mind that any of the 16 types can make successful athletes. I personally think ST's are the most natural at athletics, however. -- -j
A4 try -- INFp
A5 It seems that dominant Se (extroverted Sensing) types make the best athletes and are the types most commonly found as far as pro players go. These would be ESTP and ESFP. It also seems that to a lesser extent, as long as you are a member of a quadra valuing Se (Beta, Gamma) you have the potential to be a strong athlete. Members of the aforementioned quadras generally seem to have the most interest in sports as it satisfies their Se preference, whereas members of Delta and Alpha (who possess intoverted sensing or Si) don't typically seem to enjoy either watching or playing sports as much. After all, Si values relaxation as opposed to Se which values competition. -- Doug
A6 ESTp, ESFp. -- Anonymous
A7 I agree with A5. Even if many Delta STs are athletic, for them it's more about staying in shape and having fun doing physical activities and being healthy than it is about the competition. I think that may make them less likely to be professional athletes. The Alpha SFs like sports and such as a way to be healthy (although less emphasis on this than Deltas), have fun, and socialize (as long as it doesn't become too strenuous). -- Anonymous
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