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Question #1281281378Sunday, 8-Aug-2010
Category: Love ISFp ISFj Intertype Relations
Would a relationship between an ISFp (me) and an ISFj work out? I'm pretty worried because we're supposed to be quasi-identical, yet at the same time it feels wrong to let fear stemming from scientific stop me from loving someone. We exhibit pretty much the characteristics unique to our type, but I'm slightly more outgoing than what socionics makes ISFp-s out to be, -- Anonymous
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A1 If your both willing to work at it, then it can work out. Technically speaking, it can be difficult, you guys may have to fight for your relationship at times, but any relationship can work out if you both apply effort. I send you the best of luck. -- j
A2 if you act like ISFp and they act like ISFj, i'd assume that is what you are. in my opinion the point of the type relation descriptions is moreso to warn you about problems that will likely arise. only you two are the judges of how the relationship will turn out. never let something stop you from loving someone that you love, it is just a theory. it's up to you to make your relationship the best it can be, not socionics. -- Anonymous
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A3 omgosh DONT DO IT!!! -- isfp
A4 A relation between a SiFe (or FeSi) and a FiSe (or SeFi) will induce many huge difficulties which may lead to strong recurrent emotional quarrels. The "Fe+Si" will loudly and lengthily express their anger and their frustration sometimes showing illness symptoms as well while the "Fi+Se" will act violently, sometimes destroying objects even the own ones in a revengeful and demonstrative way. Between these moments of quarrels long periods of a relative harmony may take place, letting both partners to believe the situation is OK. -- piccolo_michel
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