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Question #1279233048Thursday, 15-Jul-2010
Category: Celebrities Typing
George Roger Waters is an English rock musician, singer-songwriter and composer. He gained fame as the principal songwriter, lyricist, bass player, co-lead vocalist and one of the founding members of the rock band Pink Floyd. What is his type? This should be easy for Jungian experts. Pink Floyd vs Eric Prydz PROPER EDUCATION

-- jgbr
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A1 intp. final answer. -- infp
A2 A1. Correct -- jgbr
A3 I like this. I like how the kids are getting processed in the meat grinder. -- Anonymous
A4 I get a strong LII vibe from him, especially from The Wall and The Final Cut. He also had very low self-confidence when he was younger, which to me seems more than . -- Anonymous
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A5 I am thinking Waters is actually an INTJ - he's got that cynical, almost sarcastic but blunt, "Mastermind", two-face "trickery" appeal to him. INTJ's and INTP's can be easily mistaken. Roger Waters seems to make music more like an engineer or constructor. And seems more focused on experimental and melody. An INTP would be prone to simpler based music. (Like punk rock, Alternative or anything with less musical merit or melody, like power chords.) To me, "The Wall" seems like something an INTJ would construct. They are paradoxical and matrix thinkers. Roger seems more likewise to someone like Nietzsche, Richard Wagner (healthy INTJs) and also a similar cynical bitterness seen in (unhealthy INTJs) like Moors Murderer Ian Brady or Spanish dictator Francisco Franco. Roger Waters also has a good penchant for self-psychology/manipulation and getting into peoples' heads, and damaging their self-esteem. Waters is also a perfectionist, which suggests J as well. (During the creation of The Wall, he fired keyboardist Rick Wright [ISFP?] from the band) for creative differences and not living up to expectations, and even spitefully spat in a Pink Floyd fan's face at a gig; out of bitterness. Roger Waters also seems (when in bad mood) to carry that almost snobbish or elitist, almost "British", cynical sarcasm and irony. But when he is happy or in glee, he tends to show introverted feeling. So I think Waters is not INTP, but actually INTJ. -- Soma Eater
A6 A4, I second that. I am an LII myself. And it is easy for me to observe and pick-up someone's personality and rub-off from it, most the time. An example of an INTP musician would be the likes of Kurt Cobain. An example of an ESTP musician would be the likes of John Lydon. An example of an ESFP (Rogers' conflictor) would be Iggy Pop. And most of these artists immersed themselves in Punk or Garage rock. Lydon has often attacked Pink Floyd (i.e. "I hate Pink Floyd" shirts) but has later apologized to Waters - possible INTJ. (seems like the insecurity effect seen in Relations of Supervision.) -- Soma Eater
A7 A5, you seem to be talking about MBTI, not Socionics. Please note that these are two different systems. To prevent confusion, I'd suggest reading more about Socionics to understand the differences between the two systems. -- Anonymous
A8 @A7 No, I'm right on the mark. Roger Waters is undoubtedly an INTJ on Socionics. Cause if Waters wasn't INTJ he would probably be ISTP, and that wouldn't make much sense at all - because Waters is definitely an abstract thinker and makes plans and likes things organized. He always appreciates perfectionism. Waters also shows a sarcastic and dry humor, and a very to-the-point and cynical, no-nonsense personality. (Which is very common among TJ people.) TJ's tend to value responsibility as their highest priority. They find stimulation Possible examples of ISTP's are people like Ice Cube (rapper), Kobe Bryant (basketball player), Dale Earnhardt (deceased race car driver), Alan Jackson (if you're familiar with country music), Les Claypool (bassist for metal band Primus), Tiger Woods (golf player), Maddox (that guy famous for website Best Page in the Universe.) ISTP's come off as hermetic, masculine, "real men" types. They like quirky, practical humor and are people that are often hard to get to know. (so, many ISTP can mistakenly come across as "rude/arrogant".) ISTP also like practical jokes that make fun of themselves, but only if it's endearing and not making fun of their flaws/insecurities. (I do not see this in Roger Waters at all.) Again, ISTP are often quiet and reticent, humble, down-to-earth peoples that can be seen as selfish, insensitive or blunt. An ISTP can be easily mistaken for an INTJ. (according to MBTI vs Socionics theory.) ISTP's also find pleasure in stuff like Sports and simple practicality. They can get bored of routine very fast and often expect their parents or life's experience to guide them through life. Unlike the strategic ISTJ's, ISTP's may shun things like Chess and find it boring. ISTP's often like intimidating or scaring people and "testing the water" with them. ISTP often can use scare tactics, in order to see if both ISTP and victim are equals. And then both individuals become friends. I've noticed that most African American men are ISTP, as well as the white blue-collar working class. (or "rednecks") Roger Waters doesn't fit into that box (ISTP) at all. -- Soma Eater
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