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Question #1278272602Sunday, 4-Jul-2010
Category: ENTp Type me!!!
Hey everyone, I have a question about my type. I have been into this whole typology thing for a few months now, without ever being able to totally pin myself down. I have recently been thinking I am an ENTP, but I am not sure. I could also be an INTP, or a Socionics INTj I guess. I've also scored as an ENFP. Many times I am viewed as an introvert, but I am not so sure. As a kid, I was very extroverted.. I talked to everyone and was very independent. I was somewhat of a bully, and for some reason I was really into calenders, puzzles, and video games. I ****ing hated sports, other than basketball. My math abilities were also off the charts. I just do numbers in my head, not sure how. When I started middle school, all that changed. I was two grades ahead in school, and so I found it awkward trying to relate to people that much more mature than me. I've always had the challenge of having to act more mature than I really am. The problem is I hate that though. The whole concept of maturity just seems like bogus when taken too literally. Oh wow I can appropriate myself *masturbates furiously*. Anyway, I endured a lot of teasing for basically just being weird and not really being quite like the other kids. I became shy and withdrawn, not really growing out of that until a year ago. I HATE being shy, but insecurities are tough. Part of me really wants to be unique, but in a way that won't freak people out. I guess I do a lot of stupid things too. I've done my good share of drugs ( I still love getting stoned or drunk or using psychedelics, I absolutely love psychedelics ), and I wrecked my car shortly after getting my license cause I was way too ****ed up to be driving. Hell, I just wanted to prove I could handle my **** (guess not). I also like to offend people if I think they're stupid, but most of the time I am very conscious of people's feelings. That's why i've scored as an F sometimes. It might just be that I don't want to alienate people though. **** I don't know, what do you guys think? Does my typing style or progression of thought seem to indicate preference? -- Mat
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A1 Hey Mat, I think in my opinion, your an ENFP who has lost their way in some respects. There are alot of things you've described about yourself that all equal the ENFP propensity for "Mindless physical stimuli" accumulation. As an ENFP myself, I greatly understand the need to pursue mindless stimuli when things begin to stress me, hell, even when nothing serious is going on. It is almost obsessive compulsive for some of us ENFP. Now, do I judge you as a person from what you've done? No. That isn't cool to do. But I can say this, if you are what I think you are, you need to find for yourself a purpose for your life, something to look forward to. It has to come from you, and people close to you who are willing to help you reach this goal, or even better if you feel it'll do you good, professional Counselling. Either way, I think you need to find for yourself a purpose in life, a goal, a *realistic* dream to aspire to. Mind you, many realistic dreams also take a great deal of hard-work and follow through, the ENFP's bane, trust me I understand the turn-off aspect, greatly, on this particular matter. But, you have to learn to do this sometime, because if you don't, it will lead to a great deal many more problems in life which you'll begin to regret as the years go by... Get some respect for yourself my friend, and find a goal, and focus on it. If you can just do this, you've taken a big step in helping yourself become a better person. -- Anonymous
A2 I wonder whether there'll ever be a typing question after which two same answers will follow Unfortunately, I don't think you're an ENFp, I read a lot of Te and Se in your story and almost no Fi. I'm a decent Christian girl which you're obviously not and I don't understand why you behave like you behave, but your language is my language (except for the asterisks), which makes me think you might be Gamma quadra, plus I get an Activity vibe here, so, my conclusion is, an ENTj whose Se's gone a bit crazy. There's no other type in the world whose vulgarities I can bear and even find them fascinating other than ENTj. What also leads me to think you're an ENTj is "I like to offend people if I think they're stupid" (if you were an ENFp, you wouldn't think in terms of stupidity, that sound more like an NT thing) and "Hell, I just wanted to prove I can handle my*** (I guess not)" sounds exactly like my ENTj friend. You also seem to have no problems with feeling too little "masculine" which indicates you're a T rather than F. Being concerned about people's feeling is no reliable sign you're an F, that just indicates you're normal. - Btw, I agree with what you say about maturity concept, I guess it's an Si issue and we Gammas have always been the ones least interested in it. -- Ezis (ESFp)
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A3 I don't act like a j though. Maybe my initial post came off a little strong. "if you were an ENFp, you wouldn't think in terms of stupidity" I dont think using stupid as an insult depends on type. It's funny also you think my Se is strong. I'm actually pretty absent minded. The wreckless behavior and drugs, and all that, it wasn't just pure raw physical stimulation, there was some basis behind it. I wanted to understand myself better, and I was interested in finding something more interesting or abstract than (what I believed at the time) to be this mundane existence. -- Anonymous
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