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Question #1278005636Thursday, 1-Jul-2010
Category: IXTx women Type me!!!
Hi, I have been prowling around this website trying to figure out my type to no avail. I don't know what descriptions you need to type me so I'll try to describe myself the best i can. I've been home schooled most of life,so this has caused me to be very shy around people other than my family. When i was kid i was more out going than i am now. I have no problem getting good grades in school, but i am always stressed when i think of starting college this year,since i haven't been in school for a couple of years. I am very critical of my work and the people that i am around, even though i don't usually voice it to the people concerned. That's why i could not stand working on team projects, because I'm always paired with lazy people who don't care about doing a good job. Reading and learning are my number one hobbies. Anything i can get my hands on i will read, except biographies which like history is pretty boring unless i am very interested in that person and time period. I have always enjoyed science and i plan on having a career in human biology, particularly how food is processed and what effects it has on the human body. I don't know what else to type. Please let me know if you have any further questions. -- K
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A1 ENTP. -- jgbr
A2 Your type is ENTP because you have self-esteem issues (compensatory narcissitic traits with avoidant features), your plans for the future are not specific, constantly learning new skills and seeking information, lack of focus in your life, can get bored and distracted easily, It is strongly recommended that you learn to use your other fuctions than intuition. Uncontrolled intuition can destroy your life. The recommended book for you: Dario Nardi, 8 Keys to Self Leadership Get well soon. -- jgbr
A3 Hi again...sorry to be a pest. But I did want to say thank you for pushing me toward the art direction. The people in my immediate circle are not and have actually discouraged me from switching back to art. If I had been surrounded the right people I might have avoided this mess. Also, the last two submissions were not hostile and supposed to be a funny sarcastic. I really do think it is funny that this site is referenced on other sites. I would have to think that you find it amusing as well. -- Anonymous
A4 Where is the bit on insomnia? I think I recognized that person. -- Anonymous
A5 Thank you for helping me figure out my type. I have been unsure, but this seems like a good fit. If anyone else has any comments or questions please feel free. K -- Anonymous
A6 You definitely sound like you're in the NT club (Researchers). Temperament is unclear though, need more info on lifestyle. -- Anonymous
A7 A2: that description applies also to ENFps and except for the lack of specific plans, to all Eps (including me). My suggestion is some sort of ST, probably an SiTe, not TiSe, maybe an ESTj, because of the simple, brief and clear expressing and politeness, plus it's STs who think in terms of "hard work" and "lazy versus hard-working". -- Ezis (ESFp)
A8 Hey sorry about not responding to your replies. I just started a summer class, so I'm getting used to being back in school. My life style for the last couple of years has been staying at home and spending time with family. Never leaving the house, because i became deeply depressed after my grandmother passed away. Becoming even more of a hermit than i usually am. Before when i was in high school, i was very shy only speaking up when i had something to contribute to a conversation. Yet, in class even when i knew the correct answer for a question. I feel more comfortable with a one on one conversation, since i have a hard time processing what multiple people say and keeping up with the topic changing. I was not involved in extracurricular activities, since transitioning from being in the house all of the time with my younger siblings and barely any interactions with others was a big enough challenge. I'm very easily distracted always thinking of what i need to do, what I've read recently and anything that pops in to mind. Its hard for me to concentrate on something when i don't feel like doing something. I could do this when i was younger, but now i am more easily distracted. If it helps i am a 20 year old female that is the oldest of three siblings. I don't have anyone outside of my family that i am close with, except for my mom, since she is very similar to me except that i don't let people use me as much as she does. Oh and I'm thinking about being a researcher in nutritional science and educating people on how they should eat to prevent chronic wide spread diseases. I will check back later to see more of your responses. -- K
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A9 Never mind i think i am an INFj that has been dualized since birth Thank you for your comments. If anyone has any comments I would like to hear them. -- K
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