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Question #1276190444Thursday, 10-Jun-2010
Category: Enneagram
does anyone else consider enneagraminstitute type theory to be contrived? I mean the system is overly formulaic. Each type has a basic desire and fear, take for example type one and two. Type one has a desire to be perfect and a fear of being (morally) corrupted. Type two has a desire to be loved and fears being unworthy of love. The duality of desire and fear is applicable to all nine types. Type one can only find perfection when they stop trying to make everything perfect. Type two can only find love when they stop trying to be loved. So all nine types fulfill their basic desire when they give up their desire. Enneagram system is contrived to be paradoxical for all nine types. -- Anonymous
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A1 There are actually 12 "Personality/Type/W.E" we just haven't figured it out yet. Why? Because you might test as an INTj, later decide you're an INTp but you're actually an ENTj that walks like an ENTp. In fact, if you are any of those 4 the type assistant will place those 4 in an order of what type you "might" be. Socionics is gonna get usurped by the new 12 type system when it comes out. Why 12? I dunno, 12 seems to be a common recurring numeric trope throughout history. Dice, clocks, apostles, zodiac, 2x12 hours in a day, bowling. The first number with 6 divisors, the divisors add up to a perfect number (28) thus it is semi-perfect, it is a sublime number. I also found out I'm actually an ENTp and this is my first post as one, before I was under the guise of an INTp but never really fit in. Hence more evidence for my theory, dun dun dun! -- Mythikh
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