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Question #1275727948Saturday, 5-Jun-2010
Category: Functions Theory
Based on Socionics, what are the influences on perception of time corresponding to age? Simple Google research reveals a rather obvious answer: time feels slower based on density of activity. Experiencing a high activity day will make the time move by quickly during the day, but upon reflection it feels like a long day has passed. The reverse is also true, spending a day doing nothing makes it feel like time is dragging by but upon reflection the day seems to have disappeared. Since older people typically experience fewer events with age, as well as "having seen everything" they have a tendency to feel the weeks, months, seasons, years slipping by very quickly. Which functions are at play that cause these scenarios? Which types are most likely to experience them? Which function should be developed/repressed to avoid/induce this concept? WHAT is YOUR experience with your type? As an INTp life has been hectic, full of unfinished assignments, missed deadlines, bullying from E types, frustration from teachers, terrible education "system", j behavior towards work, F behavior to everyone because society rams anti-prejudice and etiquette down our throats, forced E behavior with peers. Retained memories of the most significant events in my life cause me to feel a particularly dense life, even though I KNOW I waste a lot of days simply doing nothing. -- Mythikh
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A1 Interesting question... This was called "type dynamics" by an MBTI specialist, don't know which one. Is this what you had in mind? I'm not able to make any general conclusions, so just about myself, an ESFp. I have a memory that remembers everything more or less what it really was like, especially what it looked, sounded and smelled like (given my Se), not many subjective memory alterations. But I filter all events through my Fi (my sense of beauty, sense of humour, moral values etc.) so I remember random events that caught the attention of my Fi. From my early chidlhood, I have purely visual memories - what my environment looked like, and it’s enough to fill me with happiness to remember what the park I lived in looked like. Then, up till the age of 25, I also have random memories but usually regarding events that concerned me. I remember specific „pictures“, sounds, sentences, pieces of music, smells and emotions. But the emotions are much less clear than the pictures. I mostly remember pleasant or neutral things, like who told a joke that I liked, who came with an interesting word, who and what I noticed as beautiful, when somebody praised me, when I fell in love. I remember an immense amount of facts, words, melodies and quotations, especially from the fields I consider important and by people whom I respect, and also the looks of guys whom I fell in love with I recall very clearly. Out of negative events I remember only the situations when I had a faux pas (I tend to remember faux pases a lot, probably my EF), when somebody offended me and especially when something unfair was happening or when somebody was limiting my freedom. The latter ones are just several but they are deeply traumatic events, the earliest ones from the communist regime, that have the power to make my blood boil in no time and have the habit of suddenly coming up when I'm in crisis and then I sometimes feel something like this is going to happen again (probably due to weak Ni). Up to 25 years of age I as if lived everything with my whole body, brains and emotions, I as if lived in my surroundings and the world was me and I was the world. Now, having developed my Fi, I know much better who I am and how I am different from the world. That helps shape my identity and teaches me to know how to decide in advance and have some steady opinions, but the world is also more boring now. I have started to understand how it works and there's much less to surprise me (and I am a bit scared of the thought that I have this attitude at 26, I‘d much rather had it at some 50 years of age). But what's good is that I know what guy, work, language to learn etc. I am searching for and don't fall in love with guys, things and activities every 5 months. But strangely enough, I don’t have the feeling the time is going faster. I thought I was beginning to have it but it stopped. What I am more concerned about is that I used to discover every environment, every person separately and I loved the discovering, but now I tend to think I know the world already and don’t feel like going discovering again. It reminds me of my INTp friends who seem to go the other direction – they used to have this feeling and the older, the more they feel like discovering. As to the density of life, I used to take care of my life being particularly filled with events and I enjoyed it and like the memory now, but as I work now, I can do with less events and tasks and activities are fine with me. -- Ezis (ESFp)
A2 I always thought I would hate the ESFp types, and they could never be my duality. Then I found out I wasn't an INTp and it didn't really matter. I did however, live what felt like an INTp/INTj existence for a long time, being able to trace it back to a specific point where the perfect storm of school/bullies/work overload. So this is where I need the answer of other ENTps: Is life super dense for you guys, and is it normal to feel awkward, almost introverted or is that just a by product of a repressed state into introversion. I read on another part of the site about your archery competition, compounded with your "Communist Regime" comment and remembered a certain history lesson from a very nationalistic teacher of Ukrainian descent about a certain infamy of Uki archers. (Even a recent computer game phenomenon: the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series by a Ukrainian game design team had a protagonist named Strelok, which is either archer, or arrow, or shooter, digression) If I'm wrong: You all look the same from a distance and I can't tell the difference, and I'm an ENTp so don't get offended. Which would explain all of your activity on a this site. It seems that Socionics are primarily the invention of 1)ENTps 2)Ukrainians. Here's hoping that the Admin is both or either and will post my comment. -- Mythikh
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