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Question #1275456036Wednesday, 2-Jun-2010
Category: ENTp Intuition Advice
I am an ENTP female who is very annoyed with my N function. I have a hard time living in the now as I am always noticing potential opportunities in the future. Although my N function has opened many, many doors for me, I'd like to start learning how to focus on one door at a time (without feeling bored, anxious or unauthentic). -- Angie
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A1 Well...This is what we ISTp's do best. We are short-term, straight-lined thinkers. Not stupid or lazy, just economical. Like you, we do get bored easily, but we can adapt to serenity pretty well too. My best friend is an INTJ. Brilliant, but a little OCD. He thinks about everything, and retains it all. Name a movie and he can tell you who was in it, who the director was, and trace their history too! I just enjoy the movie. So here is what I want you to try. When you wake up tomorrow, I want you to do as little as you can. Be lazy. Be efficient. Consider that everything you do or think must be purposful, or you won't do it.... Good morning! Going to make the bed? Not today. Just going to mess it up later. It's 10:00 AM. What will you do for lunch? Why are you worring about lunch? When you are hungry, you will eat. No food? Go to the store, you have no plans today. Studying for a test? Don't learn the material, that take too much effort (not lazy, economical). Study only that which might appear on the test. They aren't grading you on your knowlege, only on your ability answer the test questions. Only put in your brain that which looks like a test answer. Always ask yourself, "What is the minimum requirement to meet the objective. What is my purpose." Try it and report back. No planing. No thinking. Just be in the momment. Be productive if you want, but ALWAYS with purpose. -- istpjim
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A2 Substitute your N for S and your E for I. It's really that simple! Socionics is great because it distills your life into 4 letters. Just switch the letters around to solve all your personal problems. -- Anonymous
A3 A2- are u being funny or are you suggesting i mimic another type? -- angie
A4 Hahaha, ENTP cannot recognize sarcasm!? Are you sure you're ENTP?! Mimicing other types is probably not an effective strategy. This would be akin to counterfeiting, which conflicts with your goal to feel authentic. What sort of doors have opened up for you? Are you looking for personal or career strategy? -- Anonymous
A5 A4, why did you choose to use sarcasm in order to relate to someone asking a serious, personal and vulnerable question? no, i'm not sure i'm an entp. i could be an enfp or even a J with ADHD. What i mean by doors is that I'm kind of a dilletante, a jane of all trades. i'm not a professional anything, but i can be considered a drummer in a chick band, certified massage therapist, certified teacher, registered toe reader, writer and student. i jump from one thing to the next quickly, learning quickly, but getting bored quite easily. i can't live in the present unless it's directly connected to a future goal. -- angie
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