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Question #1274510956Saturday, 22-May-2010
Category: Type me!!!
Hello! I have a problem! I do not know which type I am! And my secound problem is my english. I`m a 18-year-old student (female) from Austria. I can`t speak English very well but I try to articulate as well as I can. I don`t know whether i`m an INFP or an INTP or maybe an ENTP. Whether Myers-Briggs or Socionics. I would like to know both of them I know this is a site of socionics but it would be very nice if someone also knows my Myers-Briggs type. So here are some of my personality traits: My biggest problem is the T/F preference. I strike very unskillful because of my language but actually people tell me that i am very intelligent and analytical. I love it to solve problems with logic and most of the time i feel more comfortable when i can use logic than to solve problems which are based on emotional aspects. For example: In Austria students have a subject which is similar to philosophy (i go to highschool)It is ethics. At first our teacher taught us about Plato and Socrates and their philosophy. He told about the existential philosophy and Einstein`s theory of relativity. This were some of the best lessons I ever had. I could answer all the questions. Either because I knew the answer ( I`m very interested in philosophy, science, especially biology)or I figured the answers out by logical and analytical thinking. But I´m terrible at maths! My grades in maths are most of the time D sometimes C+ (but ONLY SOMETIMES!)And I don`t like to think logically when it is concrete. I hate business studies. It`s too concrete for me. When i don`t like a subject I easily get lost in day-dreams. And that happens very often. On the otherside I like economics which is more focused on the big picture. This are my thinking preferences. Most people who meet me at the first time think that i´m a thinking type and the people who know me better have also a hard time to type me because i appear like a thinking type. i try to be objective. that`s important to analyzing right! But peoplewho know know me better also see the feeling preference. I put the feelings of others above rational thinking. It´s important fot me to please others. I love people and i don`t want to hurt them. I love my friends. I only have a few friends but that`s enough for me! When someone feels sore and express his/her feelings I would like to hug him/her. That`s so cute! I must protect this person. I try to be very kind to everyone. So sometimes people say that I should not help anyone because some people only want to take advantage of me. But I don`t care and i like to help people. Sometimes i don`t want to help or I can`t help but i can`t say "No". Sometimes I think people ae so cruel to each other. They insult, don`t help and only think of themselves. For example: I met my friends in the city and we saw a beggar. I gave him some money and my friend looked a little bit irritated. i have given money to beggars since i Was a little child so for me it is naturally! I am also very emotional and sensitive. I get easily hurt and react a little bit too emotional but I try to show them not to others. I tend to be melancholic and suffer alone then to speak with someone. I think that the people don`t want to hear about my problems. maybe I`m aloof because I am afraid of the potential rejection. That were my F preferences! I like to take action with my friends and I like to be alone, too. I can be very outgoing and most of the people think that I`m an extrovert but i don`t thinks so. I daydream and think a lot (everyday 2hours). Now, don`t think I`m a j. I`m an P. I prone to be late, I`m very chaotic (in school), never do my homeworks,etc. But in socionics J and P are not the same as Myers-Briggs` J/P. I hate sports. I can`t see details. I couldn`t see the car of my father although he parks in front of me. And as a child i was an outsider. Sometimes i think of it and sometimes i must cry because of it. My parents weren`t very nice to me. Sometimes I feel depressed because I think I`m unlovable. I love to seek knowledge and i`m very interested in Psychiatry and Neurology, Science, art ( I love art, music, poetry)and believe it or not my languageteachers says that I´m gifted in language, well...! xD Oh, it seems to be very long! xD Thank you! For everyone who took the time to read this masterpiece(ironic)! xD And forgive the mistakes, please! -- F. the cranky clown
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A1 I am afraid I am not able to tell your type but what seems probable is that you are a p, at least in Socionics. Ps usually have more trouble determining whether they are E or I - it usually happens that people think of them as introverts while they are extroverts and vice versa. P extroverts are the least extroverted extroverts, especially ESps, and some p introverts are the least introverted introverts. You also might be an F, so an Fp - those are the most helpful types who need to learn how to say "No" to people in need (this is my case, too . From my point of view you might be an INFp, ISFp or an ENFp. ESFp too, but this type seems least probable out of Fp types. An IFp most likely (and IFJ in MBTI). I would like to emphasize that there is no connection between the level of your intelligence, the kind of your intelligence and your abilities on one side and your type on the other. People sometimes think if you are an NT you will be good at math, and if you are an SF you will make a good nurse and that STs are policemen and clerks. It usually is like this but I also know NT dancers and poets, SF genial theoretical linguists and ST pastors, so it doesn't always work this way. -- Ezis (ESFp)
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