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Question #1273764195Thursday, 13-May-2010
Category: Attraction INTp ISFj Statistics Polls
I was wondering if people with similar MBTI types had similar attractions. For example, I am an INTP and I have been attracted to alot of ISFJs. And I tend to like ISFJs even though it's a proven fact that INTPs and ISFJs aren't really compatible. I'm wondering if there are any polls, statistics, or opinions that show a certain type is attracted to a certain type. Thanks in advance for all answers, all answers appriciated. -- -INTP
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A1 This is a Socionics site and Socionics is different from MBTI, I guess the "proven fact that INTPs and ISFJs aren't really compatible" regards MBTI types. Actually, in Socionics they are supposed not to be 100% compatible but with good chances for attraction and getting along at least to some extent. I recommend reading and (The best site by far is but unfortunately, it is only in Lithuanian...) - There is a question on this site "What type are you and what types are you attracted to?" or something like this, with many answers. - I think statistics would be difficult to create and even if it was created, it wouldn't have much value because mistyping is always possible. I myself have written several statements here about various types and then discovered the people I was writing about were different types than I had thought. – IMO attraction is something different than compatibility or qualities you are looking for to create a relationship. The choice of types you are able to create a working relationship with is much more determined by your Socionics type than the types you are attracted to – those are determined not just by your type but also by hormones, by what types the members of your closest family are, looks, education etc. Though it is true that there are some „rules“ about attraction of types, like , for example, Eps are almost never attracted to other Eps and Ejs to other Ejs. I am attracted to intelligent, not very outgoing, a bit strict guys with high testosterone level who wear glasses, regardless of type - I have liked INFps, INTps, ISTps, ENTjs, ISFjs, an ESFp, an ISTj and an ESTj who all had these traits. But the older I get, the more I am interested in INTps and less in other types. I have had kind of a relationship with an ESTj, an ISTp, an INFp and an INTp, and the ones with the ITps were the closest - that's where Socionics compatibility had its say. -- ESFp
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