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Question #1272903983Monday, 3-May-2010
Category: Visual Identification Attraction Intertype Relations Theory
If Visual Identification is real, are we naturally attracted to faces of people corresponding to our dual relation type? If not, howcome? I'm an XNTp male I wish I could put a personality type on every female face I found attractive while walking in the street or browsing social networks so that I check out if such natural attraction exist. Anybody here knowing more avout V.I. mechanisms? -- I to ENTp
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A1 this may not be as scientific an answer as you may want but anyway. I have been asking myself the same question for a long time, and eventually i decided to do a little bit of a survey. The people i found most attractive, almost 80% were my own type. I was abit surprised and did the same test on several friends and coworkers, and more often than not, the people they found most attractive initially were their own type. -- Anonymous
A2 i hope so or would assume so. but this might be because i have no concept of my type. if you look at all the past we're still here and couples have lasted for long times now so things must be working to some extent. no one knew about socionics 100 years ago! -- Anonymous
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A3 Not necessarily. The natural attraction a person may feel for another face can be affected by cultural stereotypes of beauty, your experiences and/or your ideals of beauty. Dual relations are defined by psychological compatibility. While VI may hold true as a visual typing tool, a lack in experience of identifying with duals may not bring you to them naturally. Also, while I can VI some types fairly well, be careful as even the 'guru' Socionics sites vary in their opinions. -- jezrouƩ, isfp
A4 @A2 To mt point of view, I don't find that human kind were that successful in producing successful couples in history. Before feminist actions in the west and in some other cultures, family will not collapse because men were "allowed" to have many wives or many mistresses beside their official wives... this were the times were men managed society rules to be romantically happy while having women resigned with their fate. Today, after feminist actions we have clear stats such as 70% of couples end up divorcing after 10 years in north america... I think that this is where our techniques to identify "our mate" should be refined and should be implemented through the educational system. @A1 Sounds interesting... I want to do that kind of survey too... In fact I went to a dating website where everybody display their type and I found a certain attraction pattern for INFps who could be my dual type... True @ A3 that V.I. masters differ in their opinions. -- I to ENTp
A5 I am an INFj and I have always been drawn to ESTjs' masculine features, even before I knew about VI! that tell-tale square jaw - so sexy! -- INFj
A6 When I first saw this site, I was a little irritated because it seemed like people were reinventing the wheel and I couldn't get past trying to memorize the functions as shapes-that is what drove me nuts the most, I couldn't keep tract of them or the different relations. I couldn't believe my dual was ESTP...I was trying to think of how well I really would get along with Madonna. I find it hard to believe that I would have much in common with that woman. I like Personality Page and Type Logic...but PP is the one that really messed with my head and TL was always so vague. "Contrast relations" didn't tell me anything meaningful at the time. Sometimes it seems like it is true whether it is or just coincidence. -- Anonymous
A7 A6: don't let yourself be bothered about Madonna. First, nobody can be absolutely sure she's an ESTp unless they were her manager or close friends, second, even if she is, there are lots of ESTps out there and they differ a lot one from another. - As to the VI, somebody said on this site that Duality doesn't equal to attraction. I think most people subconsciously look for features of their Duals in others but they also look for other things like hair colour, level of education the person seems to have, sometimes whether the person looks like someone we know or someone from our family, and compatibility of "strengths" - I don't know how to describe it but maybe you know what I mean, "She's nice, good-looking and intelligent but you know, too... plain and weak for me." I've observed that features of your Dual are just one thing of the set of things you are subconsciously looking for in the opposite sex. If they're missing and all the others are present, you can still be attracted to the person. But it seems to me that the looking for Dual features gets the more important to you and the more powerful than looking for all the other features, the longer you know the person. My ISTp ex-boyfriend was a love at first sight but the more I was with him, the more I had this irrational feeling (irrational because we were getting along very well) that there's something not as it should be because he had these broad shoulders. Full shoulders, empty head, I kept saying to myself, though I knew it was nonsense because he's very intelligent. Our relationship ended out of purely practical reasons but somehow I still have the feeling that even if he wanted to start again, I couldn't, because he's too broad-shouldered. Weird, hm? I guess that's how Dual seeking function and subconscious VI works. My subconsciousness wants a thin INTp. -- Ezis (ESFp)
A8 A6, how about Winston Churchill? Remember, just because someone is your dual, doesn't mean you'll get along with them You should have similar values and strive for similar things, and don't assume all ESTp's are bad (some do for some reason), human decency is not type related. If you look at the type functions, an ESTp's is 1[Se], Se 2[Ti], Ti 3[Ne], Ne 4[Fi], Fi 5[Ni], Ni 6[Fe], Fe 7[Si], Si 8[Te], Te . And an INFp's is 1[Ni] 2[Fe] 3[Si] 4[Te] 5[Se] 6[Ti] 7[Ne] 8[Fi] . You may not see anything just by looking at this but functions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 reflect on functions 5, 6, 7, 8, 1, 2, 3, 4. I think the greatest way of describing duality is something I seen I/O describing in another Q&A thread, that it's like Maslow's hierarchy of needs, and while many search for people like them (being the 3rd of Maslow's hierarchy), perhaps they should look for someone a bit less like themselves, as I/O put it "you protect my weak spot and I'll protect yours." I could link it to you because I'm sure he described it much better than I would be able to. By the way this is how I first started memorizing the shapes - triangle is N, think of the letter N, how the middle goes diagonal like a triangle's sides. S is a circle, I thought "spacious" because it starts with S and when you use your Si, you would enjoy something spacious. The squares are T, and so I thought "hard and rigid" like a square. And F's are "tetris" shapes (nothing in specific for this one, for me at least, because the shape was unusual so I thought it was easier to remember). Then if the function is introverted the shape is white, but if it's extroverted the shape is black. Of course these are just my analogies and I don't even know if you have the shapes memorized yet or not, I'm just saying you can use something like that -- Anonymous
A9 Hello, fellow ENTP, before I learned about socionics I had a natural tendency towards INFPs, who seem cute, mysterious and cultured. That's one of the reasons why "illusionary" is such a good term for this kind of relationship, I guess. Once I learned about duality i tried to look for similarities between ISFPs and it struck me as pretty easy: I need to switch off all my mental and cultural expectations and just look for a woman is sexually attractive on a very gutsy, instinctual level. Basically: Ignore the brains and look for sexy. Or even more bluntly: Just follow my D***. Maybe it sounds silly, but since I have done that, I've become quite adept at sniffing out ISFPs. I say "sniffing" because it doesn't involve just visual information but more complex information, including, yes, a person's smell. I don't mean to advocate chauvinism or any of that. It just seems in this instance the inner cave man knows best. Maybe we are born with an instinct for dualization, and then society, movies, etc spoil it a bit. Following your D*** basically means returning to a more primal - and therefore honest - form of perception. -- ENTP
A10 Physical genetics can make people potentially look more attractive yet not promise compatibility. A hottie can even be your conflictor. Be careful not to go just on looks alone. -- Anonymous
A11 I don't think VI is real. Basically there is no verifiable basis I'm aware of to associate different physical characteristics with type, such that you could type people by looking at them. Can someone explain in a convincing way how the different physical descriptions got associated with each type? How ESTps got linked with "broad noses" or INTps with "sorrowful eyes"? Didn't think so. To me this seems extremely anecdotal, unscientific, and unproven. -- An ENTJ
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