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Question #1272903967Monday, 3-May-2010
Category: Advice Type me!!!
Okay, bear with me as this may be a long read... I have had an interest in personality theory for many years now, starting with MBTI, then gradually moving over to Socionics. Funny thing, I have yet to determine my type! I know some types that I am definitely NOT: ESTp, INFp, ESTj, INTp. So that leaves 11 more to eliminate. And I'm asking for your help with this task. Yippee! So here's a description of myself: tall, shapely, blonde... okay seriously: I'm usually reserved around people I don't know, and even around people I've been acquainted with for years, until that magical level of comfort arises. Also, not the greatest at small talk... it's hit or miss in that department. And now I shall proceed to the part where I describe my interactions with people & my thoughts about them/it/the linens that were half off at Target. I KNOW I'm weird, deal with it. me & estp & his wife (ex wife now) ESTp is all going on about how much the price of a square foot of land is going for in Timbuktoo or something like that. And that's about as interesting as picking lint off of a black cotton sweater. Wait..picking lint is actually MORE interesting. Tape, please! So his ex wife, as bored as I am, asks me what I do for a living. I reply I do such-and-such at such-and-such place. Then she gives me that look. You know, the one where she just CAN'T believe that I work at such a pathetic place doing a crap job that she would never consider doing, would-rather-die-homeless-on-the-streets, look. Oh, ho, ho, so that's how it's gonna be? Nice meeting you two, good luck and good bye. I smile politely and and make up some excuse to wander off. I'm upset but don't show it on the outside. When I get home, I vent to my husband (ex husband now). I know it's not the greatest job in the world, but did she really have to go there and make me feel so small? grrr A few years later estp walks into the restaurant I'm working at. A co-worker happens to know him and gushes in her slightly robotic way about what a great guy he is and how he's back in the dating pool. I'm sure he's a great guy and will make some INFp out there really happy, but not really my cup of tea. No estp has ever been, no animosity towards them, just not what I'm looking for. But estp's are definitely easier to read then entp's. With ENTp's I'm never sure if they're plotting something evil, or just plain plotting. The two that I've identified have come in with a large group of rowdy/boisterous friends. My ENFj coworker loves, LOVES, when they come in to eat. One night she was sulking & teary-eyed in our waitstation because she was reprimanded twice by the owner, but once she found out she was waiting on entp & friends, she perked up almost instantaneously. I shall end this with my observations of the ENFj co-worker. Emotional: hells yes! She definitely does better (emotionally, that is) when there is a large of people who are joking and laughing, which is probably why she gets on so well with the entp's as they always seem to be in such a crowd. Also, last night as she and I were having some drinks with the owner after closing time, the owner mentioned how one of the waitresses is great at cleaning everything. I chimed in (maybe a bit too enthusiastically) that she is wonderful in that aspect, even cleaning areas of the restaurant that are not a part of the waitresses' duties. All the waitresses know that the ENFj waitress does not like this particular waitress, so it was no surprise to me that she remained silent during this part of the conversation. What I found hilarious however, was that after we finished our drinks and went back to cleaning up the restaurant, she came up to me privately and told me that when she and the other waitress clean together, that the other waitress does not get everything swept up, so it is more difficult for her to mop. I said "oh really?" with a blank expression on my face. Then she shrugged and commented "I guess nobody can get everything swept off of the floor" and went back to her duties. What was funny was the way she told it to me, as if it was some secret that the other waitress was actually horrible at cleaning, and I simply didn't know this about her. Yeah right, I've worked with all the waitresses there, I've observed them inconspicuously as I'm working and make mental notes of how they work, how hard they work, how they deal with "demanding" customers, how they interact with the other waitresses, and I KNOW the other waitress works the hardest to make everything clean. In case anyone's wondering, the ENFj waitress and I get along just fine. oh and in case anyone forgot: what is my type? -- Anonymous
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A1 the fact you are interested in many and keep changing decision means probably p... (although i read j/p is not very apparent to work out so that could be completely wrong) you seemed to write everything you thought, and the amount you wrote, and the constant flurry of interactions with people... Extravert? pretty sure of that one you watched your friends mood perk up and your writing seems to have emotional discharge, as well as your suggestions towards your interactions with people, also giving compliments, as well as control over your emotions in a social atmosphere... F? Also fairly sure of this enough writing and projecting my thoughts cause theyre generally all over the place at 1m miles a minute: im now thinking ESFj -- Anonymous
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