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Question #1271969561Thursday, 22-Apr-2010
Category: Personality Typing Advice
I'm curious to know what type would best match the following: The person attempts to develop a following of people whom s/he depends as a source of narcissism and self-righteousness. S/he enjoys being on 'top', being the leader and a source of wisdom that comes across for some as preaching. Should you disagree with this person on something that matters to them, they will try to embarrass you in front of others and make you look bad/stupid, relentlessly harassing and badgering with well timed passive aggressive snipes of shame/guilt and poking at your weaknesses until you either submit or lose it. The person will also attempt to isolate you from the group, creating alliances with her following to create an "Us against You" environment. -- Anonymous
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A1 ILE/ENTp -- Anonymous
A2 ENTj -- Anonymous
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A3 Any type is as capable of being as mean,manipulative and immature as described. Are you trying to understand the type of this person you are describing in real life? -- Anonymous
A4 entj -- Anonymous
A5 ENTp -Their tactics and lack of ethics are less than admirable. They are good at finding cheap but harmful ways to resolve interpersonal issues that crop up in day to day life. Manipulative and cowardly are words I think best describe the ENTp. -- Anonymous
A6 Agree with A3. A2 and A4: ENTjs are usually too practical to waste their time creating groups based on emotions. They make groups out of people who are willing to cooperate with them. And they don't care about issues like wisdom and guilt. -- Ezis (ESFp)
A7 @A3 & A6: ah, no. Not all types do this, as I've described above. I certainly don't, hence, the reason why I'm asking what type. It sounds more like you identify with this sort of behavior, and you are projecting this onto all types. Maybe this cannot be narrowed down to one type specifically. Perhaps several types with similar functions in their ego block practice this, most likely an ethical type who uses guilt and shame to manipulate people. -- OP
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