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Question #1267011126Wednesday, 24-Feb-2010
Category: Theory Genes
Are personality types developed from parents? For example, will the DNA of an esfp dad and an intj mom have a esfp girl and a esfj boy (random example to make the point). Or are personality types developed by the influence of parental behavior and/or the environment? -- Anonymous
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A1 Almost all socionists think that types are inborn, not a product of the environment. The type of the children cannot directly be predicted by the type of the parents. There is probably a correlation, though... -- PistolPete
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Almost all??? Wow, link or reference please?
A2 im an enfp. My parents (i think) are esfj and istj. I dont think there is thus a correlation. guardians are very different to idealists -- Anonymous
A3 I'm not A1, but I thought i'd post. The only information I can think of is from "Portrait of a Modern Socionist", a study undertaken by Dmitri Lytov of Russian speaking socionists and enthusiasts. 49 people took part in a lengthy questionnaire, all but 3 residing in Russia and Ukraine, and on a scale on 1 to 5 (5 being completely agree with statement, when presented with: "Type is inborn, genetically determined, and gradually "unfolds" over the course of life" It produced an average result of 3.38. Hardly a ringing endorsement. Perhaps there's other info. Although interestingly, the statement: "There is a correlation (not necessarily 100%) between a person's type and the types of his parents:" produced a lesser figure of 2.74 -- Anonymous
A4 One more subjective input. ENTp, and heard my mom told me early in my childhood I got to have been swapped with another child post delivery. She was unable otherwise to rationalize the huge difference in personality between me and any other member of the rest of my huge family. Odd thing was, my initial feeling was some kind of relief, like a compliment or something. Giving me an explanation platform for unresolved matters of interaction. So if challenged for an opinion; no relevance in heritage and type, but this is a biased version of reality. -- ENTp
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A5 my mom is INFJ my dad is ESFJ. I am ISFJ, my sister ESFJ and brother INTJ -- Anonymous
A6 me - entp father - estj sister - ???j sister 2 - esxj mother - xsfj -- t
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