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Question #1267011063Wednesday, 24-Feb-2010
Category: INFp INFj Personality Statistics
INFP (Dreamers) often feel lonely and empty at times because those around us don't understand our thoughts and feelings about certain things. I have realised that, although my Mum and Sis are INFJ's (rarest character type), why is it that they don't feel this emptiness and loneliness? My Mum and Sis, for example, don't ask questions about the universe, the way of things on earth etc. They just live their lives, and don't strive on gaining knowledge, wisdom or that spirituality. It makes it extremely hard trying to communicate with them when it comes to such things as they themselves haven't put much thought into these topics... Anyway, my question is: Do INFJ's feel lonely and empty at times considering they are the rarest character type? Or do they get along fine even though they are the rarest because they don't tend to think about such thought provoking topics etc, if you get what I mean? -- Michael
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A1 How certain are you that they are, in fact, INFj? -- an INFp
A2 Being a certain type does not say anything about your thoughts, like I previously believed. It's possible though, that you could come closer if you weighed in Enneagram and social stackings. Two INFjs I know come across as either very silly and random or creatively pensive and moody. Another INFj I know is the most optimistic person I know, and another is extremely spiritual. (none of these INFjs know each other, but they are INFj no doubt.) If any of these INFjs get lonely, they sure don't let others onto it, and it seems they know how to make the most out of what they have. They all seem to have an inner strength to be self-sufficient in the sense that... they don't let themselves appear needy. Topics on the universe, wisdom, spirituality just seem to be part of their lives, they don't really talk about it, but in my experience if the timing is right, we have some intense conversations. I think that goes for every type though. I'm not INFj, but that is my impression as an outsider. I hope it helps anyway. -- Anonymous
A3 I cannot speak for your mom or sister on the matter, but I myself am an INFj and I definitely strive to gain a deeper understanding of the universe and the pursuit of wisdom. I also tend to be very protective of my deepest thoughts and it takes a special person for me to be able to share what I am thinking. Also, I tend to not share anything unless I am specifically asked. -- Anonymous
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