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Question #1266835098Monday, 22-Feb-2010
Category: Fictional characters Celebrities Typing
500 Days of Summer main characters/actors: Joseph Gordon-Levitt who portrayed Tom Hansen - is he an ENFp (Delta NF); or a Beta NF; or an ESTj (Delta ST); or some other type... Zooey Deschanel who portrayed Summer Finn - is she an ISTp (Delta ST); an INFp (Beta NF); an ENTj (Gamma NT); or an ENFp (Delta NF); or some other type... What do you think? -- Anonymous
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A1 He struck me as more of an ISFj and she as an INFj. -- Anonymous
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A2 Tom-isfj and summer esfp -- Anonymous
A3 Tom was an INFJ (emotional, idealist) and Summer was an INTP (seemingly emotionally detached introvert) and they were in a socionics benefit relationship. I've seen this one in real life and it looks exactly like that. -- Anonymous
A4 The characters I'm not so sure about... Tom is most probably Delta NF, and I'm pretty sure Levitt is IEE. Beta is extremely unlikely, although I'm too lazy to explain why. Summer, no clue. Some sort of logical type. I haven't seen any of Deschanel's interviews, but from photos I've seen of her and from the movie, I can say for certain that she is some sort of Se-ego type. She has that sort of piercing gaze, one that stares directly at a person. My tentative guess is Beta ST. -- SLI
A5 Tom- infj and summer -esfp -- Anonymous
A6 A4, you're right, I totally agree with you. Deschanel is ISTj. -- Anonymous
A7 Joseph Gordon-Levitt, ESTJ, (1.Te, 2.Si), "The Discipline Teacher", traditional, Assertive, Administrator, Implementor, Supervisor, Loyal, comfortable with power, highly disciplined and goal-directed, strongly opinionated, as well as unbending and obstinate in holding to one’s preconceptions etc. Zooey Deschanel, ENFP, (1.Ne, 2.Fi), "Fire and Ice", intense, reactive, uninhibited, spontaneous, fun-loving, undaunted by risk, imaginative and curious. Emotional lability, Displays a desultory energy level with sudden, unexpected outbursts etc. 500 Days of Summer - Trailer

-- jgbr
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