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Question #1266784083Sunday, 21-Feb-2010
Category: Cheating INFj
Hi. are intuitive subtype infj (women lol) likely to cheat in relationship compared to ethical subtype and/or the other 15 types? -- Anonymous
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A1 What's the assumption driving this possible conclusion? -- Anonymous
A2 because I once knew what I think was an intuitive subtype infj and they are meant to be "non-cheaters"(ie infj) but actually this was far from what happened with her, and just want to know was she undergoing her "shadow" estp personality or other reasons ?? -- Anonymous
A3 Well, I know very well only two INFj women. They both does cheat on their partners, however one of them is admitting it (to me as her friend) and the other is denying it (despite the fact that it is obvious - there is material to prove it). The problem with them is - in my humble opinion - the fact that they think they deserve everything. They both admitted, that they think "they should have been born as princesses". The problem with this kind of thinking often leads to the situation in which the INFj seem to have a nice "provider" for the financial aspect and a comforting relationship.... and the other guy/guys for romance. It doesn't have to be a sexual partner, it seems that they consider flirting nearly as good, but again, it is just what I see in these two women. Yes, I know them for a long time and yes, I am certain that they are both INFj -- INFp
A4 I'm an INFJ, and I could cheat with clear conscience. This happens due to the fact, that I might not love the person I'm staying with or I might not be fully satisfied in some meaningful aspects to me, but in overall the person might be dear to me. I don't actually know how to explain this. He might not fulfill me and If I cheat, this means, that I'm trying to make sure if the other one is not better, if he's not then I simply go back. That the reality, you might love and appreciate one, but feel no physical attraction to him and oppositely. This often happens to me, and I'm just looking for one that would satisfy me both with the inside and the outside. But if there is no such one, something is better, than nothing. Well sometimes nothing is better than something, but whatever this topic is too deep and too broad. But I know, that when I'd find such a person I would never cheat and never even have a thought to do so. So if an INFJ cheats on someone, it just means that this someone is not fully satisfying. Personally, I seek the absolute harmony, not the mediocre comfort. -- Anonymous
A5 INFj are cheaters like the rest of us. They normally don't admit it though, or, try to rationalize it as 'justified'. Call them on it the plain fact - and they will deny it. It's just more 'tasteful' if it's dressed up hypocrasy. -- Anonymous
A6 I think everyone knows an iNFJ Jezebel. and sometimes they do it as a tool to get back at people like ammunition or something for beeing "hurt" or something i.e. sleeping with all your friends and your friends friends friends and so on... and somehow it can be justified and rationalized to them with little effort. perhaps not all of them but i thing the term ethical needs to be thought over again because i have known most of them to do the most vindictive malicious things That wouldn't suffice with most ethical systems of thought, and the funny thing about infj are that they are often religious and worry about the soul of the non believer or at least their own however the way they act would shame any divine being very thoroughly, and of course the all of them are not of this lot just a lot i have known but not all of you, socionics is pseudo science anyway and i wouldn't pin and condemn any one by it just those i have known that seem able to fit there in my intuitive void -- NT
A7 I am an INFJ woman; I am not sure I could cheat with a clear conscience but I feel as if I am always searching for the "perfect" relationship probably because I over analyze everything. I was known in high school as the girl who always had a boyfriend and before I got rid of one, another was lined up. There were times that I was single, but I always had a male friend to rely upon and fulfill that role somehow. Even in my long-term relationships I tend to nit-pick (which I work on constantly). I have never cheated on my current boyfriend though and we've been dating for over two years. Maybe it is because I feel completely satisfied, emotionally and physically. -- Anonymous
A8 i posted this question because i just wanted to double check reality compared with the description given in socionics/myers-briggs websites -- Anonymous
A9 I don't really think it's relative to be honest. No type is infallible, people make mistakes. Though it doesn't seem to be typical of an INFj, seeing as they are ethics-charged people. -- Anonymous
A10 Remember: the first priority of Fi is self-interest and self-fulfillment. Any relationships with others stem from this core requirement. Enough said. -- Anonymous
A11 A10, you are true about the definitions socionics offers for Fi. However, this is not the way INFJs are described in MBTI nor socionics profiles. They are described as being quite the opposite, if anything. -- Anonymous
A12 by the way what types of jobs do enfps like?? i was thinking blogging or daytrading, and have attempted 1 and enjoyed this despite its "introversion". -- Anonymous
A13 INFj's have Ni and Fe. Not Fi. INFp's and ISFp's have Fi. -- Nordon
A14 A13 - no that's MBTI. not sure why you are not capitalizing the last letter if you're using MBTI, but in socionics INFp is Ni Fe and ISFp is Si Fe. they are both p's meaning their leading function is their "perceiving" function, aka S or N, and they are introverted, so Si/Ni. and since their leading function is introverted their creative function is extraverted, meaning Fe. -- Anonymous
A15 I'm an INFj and I would be too conflicted (and too honest) about liking/loving people to even consider cheating on them. Our secondary function is Fe as Nordon said, so we tend to express our feelings when we feel conflicted, and I think that helps, in most cases, to prevent us from being unfaithful. Of course, if an INFj is under pressure or extremely depressed, his or her shadow functions could emerge, causing him or her to want or participate in reckless behavior. I've wanted to do something completely opposite of me at times, but I generally have self-control. I guess it's different for every person. -- Anonymous
A16 Correlation does not equal causation. Cheaters are cheaters. INFjs are INFjs. You're making conclusions based on the limited evidence you have, which is fallacious considering that that would mean that every single EII is more prone to cheat than any other type. -- Anonymous
A17 A15 INFj's secondary function is Ne, leading function is Fi. -- Anonymous
A18 infj here.. i've only ever not cheated on one guy.. he cheated on me.. i cheat cos yeah i want better!! and if i dont get better i go back... and i feel bad.. so i be honest. -- Anonymous
A19 the fact that you're asking if this is type related shows how incompetent and ignorant you are, especially because you say cheating is "ESTp behavior". you should use socionics as a tool for your intertype relations. things like cheating are not type related, people of every type cheat. being an ESTp means you have Se and Ti in your ego block. it doesn't mean that you're likely to cheat. -- Anonymous
A20 Really, I don't understand some of these responses. I am an INFj. I don't mean to put myself on a pedestal or anything, but I honestly don't think I'd be capable of cheating on anyone, ever, no matter what. For me, relationships are about the emotional bond, not just the sex. Therefore, why would I disrespect someone by cheating on them, even if I no longer felt emotionally fulfilled? That's not fair. I'd break up with the person and then sleep with someone else. I would think any true INFj would hate themselves for violating their own ethics in that way. I really don't see how you can justify cheating. P.S.- Socionics INFj has Fi (maintenance of personal relations, moral evaluation, humanism, kindness) and Ne (understanding the essence of something/someone, possibility, potential, interest). -- INFj
A21 Drawing any conclusion from posts on this board would be foolish and scientifically invalid. In defense of INFjs I thought I would add that I could never cheat. The notion is ridiculous, I can be dishonest, but not unfaithful. I understand the desire to search for the perfect relationship (well, really we tend to be perfectionists, searching for the perfect everything) but INFjs are also deeply concerned with justice and fairness. "Loyal" is one of the first words used to describe our type. Now it is true that among every type there are exceptions, and cheating is a very common occurrence. So although we are the rarest type, I am sure there are plenty cheating INFjs around. That being said, I would be shocked to learn that INFJs didn't have one of the lowest cheating percentages. -- Anonymous
A22 I am an INFJ and I could never cheat in my current relationship. He is also an INFJ, and I found that him and I get along absolutely perfectly. Under no circumstances would I ever cheat on him. I would tell him if I were losing interest or found someone who I feel that I click better with (although at this time I can't see that happening) -- Anonymous
A23 This is terrible! As an INFj, I could never cheat on someone, ever, even if I was no longer in love with the person! Think of all the pain and hurt you would cause the person, of all the problems it would cause. And if I did somehow cheat on someone, I would feel racked with guilt and shame at what I had done. Fi is NOT self-interest and fulfillment of one's desire to the detriment of others. That's a lack of Fi! -- anonymous
A24 I'm an INFJ, I've never cheated. I've been tempted, but I believe in fairness and I care deeply about others (especially those I am very close too). If my partner cheated on me, I would be devastated, so how could I do that to someone I love? I do have a vindictive streak, so if I did find out that my partner had cheated on me and they somehow managed to convince me not to break up with them... let's just say that I might give in to temptation out of sheer anger (and, well, it's fair, isn't it?). -- Anonymous
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A25 Cheating is obviously something specific people in any and all types do, however, I would suspect that the reasoning being WHY it was done, the manner the incident was carried out in, and whether or not the person justifies it (and in what way) is going to reflect their type more than the mere act of cheating itself! -- Anonymous
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