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Question #1266784054Sunday, 21-Feb-2010
Category: Gay Intertype Relations
Do many gay people have to settle for semi-duality? Since supposedly about 66% of men are T types and 66% of women are F types, is it tougher for gay men and women to find a romantic partner that is their dual or activation pair? -- courtney the ISFj
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A1 If you want the best answer, I would suggest not to use online statistics unless its from a government or from academically reliable websites (i.e. Stratfor). Definately do not ever rely or use people's opinion. I would suggest using your state library to some research and talk to individuals with PhD in Psychology with a specialty in assessment. Compare what they have to say. Certain insitutions are bias towards their studies so make sure to check their background before believing what they say. -- ISTP
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A2 Well, most gay men take better care of themselves than straight men so maybe they get more offers which balances is out. -- Anonymous
A3 can throw up a lot of arguments to this: how accurate are the statistics in themselves? if you think of love as lots of molecules bumping around in a tank and now and then bumping into each other, sometimes merging, you could say that things are too random to be defined definitively. but then you could say this is too logical if you believe in fate or whatnot or you could argue that the duality page on this site says "as we get older our attitudes become more rooted decreasing our chances of love" and if you were to believe all peoples are bisexual then you might say the whole notion of sexuality is just a "twisted up attitude", especially when given completely different historical ideas of sexuality such as the romans or you could argue something completely different as for me i have no idea - i just see what comes my way and then check it up on socionics (which can lead to further confusion but can also make clear some misunderstandings) -- TH the ENTp
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