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Question #1266784022Sunday, 21-Feb-2010
Category: ISTp Duality ENFp ESFj
Upon first interaction, I believe I have a difficult time telling the difference between ENFp women and ESFj women (barring obvious characteristics). Or rather, sometimes I mistake ESFjs for being ENFp, but as I get to know them, I realize they are ESFj. Does anyone else experience this? -- Just some ISTp
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A1 Maybe you're just mistyping them initially. ENFp's are often quiet, dress is not intentionally trendy, hardly use makeup (or dont always know how to use it), a little clumsy. ESFj's are VERY into their looks. I mean ENFp's care about looks too but just dont always know what to do about it. ESFj's KNOW what to do about it. They dress in the latest trends, wear BEAUTIFUL makeup, and just carry their bodies very well. ESFj's are also very sociable in the 1000 friends, let's party kind of way. ENFp's are much more selective about friends and prefer the one on one or small group get togethers for deep heart-to-hearts. -- a quiet ENFp
A2 When it comes to clothes ENFPs tend to be eclectic even when they are stylish. ESFJs tend to be more matchy, matchy and conventional keeping up with the latest styles. ENFPs go their own way. If you can, break into a philosophical question about relationships or personality types and see how they react. An ENFP will get very energized and talkative and an ESFJ may try to change the subject to focus on emotion rather than ideas. ESFJs might dismiss your point of view and ENFP will focus on what you say because, well you are their dual and they want to get inside of your head. -- Anonymous
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