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Question #1265650891Monday, 8-Feb-2010
Category: Benefit and Supervision E/I Intertype Relations Theory
Are relations of supervision between an extravert supervisor and an introvert supervisee very different from relations of supervision between an introvert supervisor and an extravert supervisee? Do you have some experiences? -- piccolo_michel
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A1 My supervisee is an ESFj and I find them too needy, too whiney, never happy with what they have. But at the same time they have qualities that I don't have but admire. They can be good for a laugh ,good conversationalists. But basically I try to stay away from them as close friends as they are too draining for me....But here best female friend is an ESFj. I call her (in my mind) 'my not chosen friend' as she kind of just attached herself to me and won't let go. But despite that we are good friends but I need a lot of time out from her....she seems to need none. -- Anonymous
A2 Im not sure about that vice versa, but i think its again about the type the supervisor is especially (I would guess the supervisee less so). Trust me INTJ supervisor is harsh. -- Anonymous
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A3 The only thing I can recall having seen written on this subject is that supervision relationships work better if the supervisor is rational (j). I have never seen an analysis suggesting that either an E or an I as supervisor makes for a better supervision relationship. For what that's worth. -- Kheledon
A4 I think that they are really relations of 'parent-child', where the parent believes the child is again headed in the wrong direction even though it may be the superior route. The child believes the parent's direction is OK but prefers to go his original way, unless he recognizes that there is actually something wrong with what he is doing. It's not so much supervising but rather treating the other as if they were a child. However, children that grow up usually want to leave home. -- Anonymous
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