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Question #1265273871Thursday, 4-Feb-2010
Category: Type me!!!
okay for whatever reason I'm always reconsidering my socionics type and I have the same reaction to enneagram, but I can only bend my perception so far before I either snap or straighten up. So far I have considered myself INTJ, INTP, ENTP, and INFJ. I have never considered myself as a sensory type whatsoever nor felt confused by the other types. The hidden agenda has only added more things to consider without decisive conclusion. As for enneagram, I have considered 1,4,5,6,7,8,9 - the 2 description has never felt remotely relatable like sensory types in socionics. In my search I not only consider my type but the types of people who I am more or less certain of. For instance, INFJ can be confused for INTJ and ENFP easily enough but never confused for ESTP or ESFP (or I would never have guessed it!). ESFJ can be confused for ESTJ, ISFP and ENFJ but never confused with INTP, INTJ, ENTP, INFJ, etc. So what type do you more often consider/confuse with other types? The same question applies for enneagram which is even easier to get mixed up (before paul walker was typed INTP here on the celebrity page, I always considered him ISFP - threw me into a whirlwind for awhile). -- Anonymous
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A1 i think infj sometimes can be confusing ie variable according to person. -- Anonymous
A2 people are complex, and its hard to put them into any one category. socionics is just a generalization of which side of the mind you tend to think with for specific thought processes. but we all have two minds, and regardless of what your type is you can think differently in different situations. it can be especially hard to discover your own type, because you know the range of your own mind. if you cant figure out your own type, thats ok. sometimes its easier to have someone else guess, because they see the more generalized version of you. -- Anonymous
A3 Either your life is not full or stable or you have got an existential crisis.. -- Anonymous
A4 Give it up, you've no idea how to read yourself. Only option possible for you is to join the forums here, post pictures of yourself, and see if someone will VI you. -- Doomdark
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A5 no one type is completely unlike another type. -- original poster
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