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Question #1263555682Friday, 15-Jan-2010
Category: T/F INTj
As an INTJ, thinking type, I find it difficult sometimes to sort ot my feelings and many times feel confused. I end up thinking about things and supress my emotions. What I want to know is: Are there any thinking types out there who have found a system for sorting/clarifying your feelings? If so, I'd really appreciate your insight. -- Anonymous
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A1 Well, I am the same exact way. What I did was start a completely anonymous blog. I didn't post any pictures or information about myself. I even created a new email address (again with no information) to start the blog with. On this blog, I post everything. Things I'd never say, thoughts, et cetera. (While making sure nothing personally identifies me, just in case someone I know stumbled upon it.) The main focus is to discover myself and who I really am. I recently had the idea to do that, which is why there aren't many posts. So maybe you should do the same. When posting, don't be afraid to let all your thoughts and emotions flow. I know that I tend to have negative thoughts and immediately try to block them when they come, but when posting, I look at everything from every possible angle to discover myself, what I'm feeling and why. -- Anonymous
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A2 here's a dichotomy: authentic and inauthetic. here is a list of events when you may expereince authentic emotions: child births, weddings, and funerals and inauthetic emotions: prom, bars, and work parties. (Depending on the person) if you there for the feeling then thats authentic whatever the event but if your there for the food or whatever then its inauthentic. As for A1, you are what you do, blogging makes you a blogger which is really writting so that makes you a writer. -- Anonymous
A3 As a middle-aged INTj, I have never and would never consider that I needed to 'sort out my feelings'. The way you phrased the question makes me think you may be a young INTp, flipping between T and F. -- Anonymous
A4 A3, a psychopath is defined as someone who doesn't have feelings whatsoever. Let's not get carried away with "you don't fit the type scenerio because feelings don't exist for any INTJ. Besides, no one in their irrational mind would want to convince themselves that they are a INTJ. A3, there is a reason why our duals are ESFJs (note: the extraverted feeling being within our super-id). A2... so true! -- pyre
A5 A4, I never suggested that I didn't have feelings, but I never ever felt that I needed to 'sort' them out - I have always given priority to other issues and things. -- I/O
A6 As and INTJ, I admit that the thinking, rationalizing, and logic is very much us. Dont' care much for small talk, unless its meaningful (deep) conversation. Then deep would be feeling wouldn't it? Anyway, I think A2 got it right about "authentic emotions" because I have strong feelings for those type of feelings. The difference I noticed about myself when around others is I don't necessarily care about who is doing or saying what (gossip) unless it directly affects me or impacts my life. Others however have a strong drive (emotion) on finding that sort of stuff out. So what is my point. I think we are true to our "type" but we definitely feel...we just don't necessarially express it the way others do; and we don't necessarially care about the same things. -- Anonymous
A7 A1, I did what you did. I'm an INTJ who writes in a private blog about whatever may be confusing me or frustrating me in life at that moment in time. My writing topics have ranged from problems with friends and family to career. I find that writing things out in a logical order gives me the chance to break out of a circular cycle. It allows me identify what emotions I'm feeling, list possible causes and slowly sort out the precise reasons why I'm frustrated, sad, stressed out, upset, etc. It also allows me to list potential solutions and sub-solutions as well as their pros and cons and how I feel about each solution before I come to a final decision. I've also found another advantage to blogging - it allows me to keep track of my thoughts and observations over time. Sometimes, when I go back and read previous entries, I realize that there are patterns in my feelings and emotions. It's always an interesting discovery or experience to go and reread my blog entries. Like A1, my blog is quite anonymous. I was a little risky though in that I am identifiable if a reader knows me well enough. It's also not impossible for friends to find my blog, but I've placed where few would venture. And A3, I always have to sort out my feelings. It's hard for me to identify exactly what I am feeling and why. If I try to think about it, I end up getting distracted or caught in a circular loop. I can function without knowing how I feel about a certain thing, but if I don't have a venue in which to sort out my feelings, I get very frustrated and irritated with myself. -- PIE
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