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Question #1262775797Wednesday, 6-Jan-2010
Category: Personality Stereotype Theory
What is the most disorganized type? who is the least methodical, the least systematic, the least precise, the most messy? who is able to regularly forget appointments or to give several at the same moment? who does leave his belongings anywhere and take those of other people without noticing it? who almost can't understand that only 1 wrong figure in a phone number makes the whole number wrong? and so on!!! -- piccolo_michel
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A1 ENFp? -- Anonymous
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A2 I used to know an ENFp who did all of the above -- Anonymous
A3 INFP I'd say from personal experience -- Miss D, INTP
A4 This is not a type. This is a five year old. -- Anonymous
A5 to A4 Actually I thought of a 62 years old medical doctor (psychiatrist) who uses to act so! -- piccolo_michel
A6 Maybe a person from another world that just arrived here, or someone with brain damage would behave that way. -- ENFp? Maybe INTp? Maybe INTj?!? wow! who knows!
A7 I'd say any type with extraverted intuition in the ego block. Then again, Socionics' has marked ENTJ as generally the most absent-minded. -- Anonymous
A8 Yep, such behaviors are as preposterous and childish as those who do not willingly master calculus, differential equations, contemporary including quantum physics, the history of philosophy in their private time, ace fundamental logic, constantly discern numerical patterns in their environment, naturally predict social trends through oncoming streams of data in all interactions, be constantly aware of the broad multi-ideological constraints in any given situation and their differential degrees of relevancy - YOU know, all that baby stuff that the intuitive types naturally focus on and sensors tune out! -- Anonymous
A9 Lol! I am an ENFp and I do all of those things except for the phone number thing, haha. And I guess I can be precise, depending on how much I care about what I am doing. -- Anonymous
A10 INTP FOR SURE -- Cecilia
A11 ENFp (at least in MBTI, but profiles 'same' in socionics) is dubbed as being the most "scatter-brained" of the 16 types. ESFp is a close 2nd in my mind (but they pay attention to their surroundings better-and hence, are less "scattered"-than their 'N' counterparts). BOTH have as their PoLR. -- Soc INTj, MBTI INTP, SLOAN rcoei, Enne 5w4
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