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Question #1262775754Wednesday, 6-Jan-2010
Category: Socionics Website etc.
I've been using socionics in my life for well over a year now. the only other person I know that is as into it as me is my brother who is a intj. I have made sveral people take the test...but no one really seems to be into it, or see its value, I guess they just look at it as a facebook quiz that has no logic behind it, I'm not sure..but I would loooove if I had other people to talk about it with. does anyone want to start a group where we could all learn from eachother and talk about socionics without feeling like you are annoying others? (haha) I was talking about this idea with my brother, he thinks its a good idea. we live in the central valley in california in turlock. if anyone is interested, please, let us know! and no, this is not some cheesy advertisement I would just like to learn more. -- cari, isfj
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A1 I am interested, this seems like a great idea. The problem is I dont have much time these days. But if you create such a discussion group let us know here, I will like to visit it from time to time -- Ezis (ESFp)
A2 Hey. Wow! You hit it right on the nail. I am frustrated and aggrevated with other people not seeing the value in this! To me, how can you NOT be interested? This is some very exciting stuff and very very valuable! No one seems interested at all, they fluff it off, act like I'm obcessed (just interested), don't want to take the test, change the subject etc. etc. I've never met my dual (perfect match) that I know of. So, I'm still searching and trying to test for myself how my (better match) would be. Who knows. I did find someone that ranked in the top 3 for compatibility. And man. I see exactly what they are saying. What is shocking to me is this top 3rd "compatible" person is someone I took lightly and as an easy friend to hang with. I got mad at the person, and didn't talk to him for 3 days. During that period I started feeling physically ill (stomach). Something COMPELLED me to call him because I missed him but was afraid he'd be mad at me for breaking it off. Before talking to him much, right away he told me he was physically ill and about to throw up lol. I told him I was feeling that way too! He made up with me in a heart beat, and we are still hanging together after 5 years. We never had a fight like that again lol. I still wonder though, how my number 1 match would be. I don't know if we are allowed to put e-mail addresses on here, so I'll send this so you'll get the message and they won't boot it out. Maybe later, I can give you my-email if they will allow it. I'll find out. Great to hear from you 2! -- mav04
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A3 Yes I would like to.I had the fortune to have discovered Socionics a number of years ago.Further I had the opportunity to work in a facility employing around 1000 personal. I was able in my constant daily audits make contact with all sorts of people of different stratum s and types whilst simultaneously accessing extensively the usefulness of the theories . I have developed many models of types which I use in my typing endeavours. Getting pretty good at it! It helped as I was imbeded at this employer but not employed by them. It has helped me understand human relations very well. I am an INTJ -- octavius
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