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Question #1262352793Friday, 1-Jan-2010
Category: Celebrities Typing
Which type is Stephen Fry??? I would say that he is an INTP or an INFP! But i am unsure! -- Anonymous
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A1 He looks like maybe ISFP. -- Anonymous
A2 Why S??? He seems to be an INXP But i don`t know! Is he thinking or feeling??? -- Anonymous
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A3 I too assume he's an INTP... He's gifted with both a creative mind and logical reasoning, with deep reverence for knowledge. -- Anonymous
A4 Why T and not F? I mean, INFPs can be logical, too! I know an INFP and he`s very clever with an IQ of 128! Please, explain it! Why do you think that he is a "thinker" and not a "feeler"? -- Anonymous
A5 In twenty years of experience in researching and administering the MBTI®, my guess is Stephen Fry is an INFJ. Fry is far too kind and naturally empathic for INTP to be a first choice. INTPs can often be kind and empathic, but this an attribute that in INTPs is often hidden behind a cool reserve. As well, when INTPs disagree with someone, they tend to turn their regard on that someone as if that someone were something slightly mouldy but interesting that really shouldn't be there. My experience of INFPs when they disagree with someone is that they can be cruelly acidic and quite annihilating- of all the types INFPs tolerate conflict least well-they are usually terrified of conflict, intellectual or otherwise, while Fry not only welcomes it, but positively seeks it. Fry's disagreement with people is much more easygoing and very, very warm. And Fry is certainly not quite cool, in a detached way - he can be reserved at times, but even his reserve is warm. This is not a quality common in either INTPs or INFPs. Fry is a very sociable chap, and sociable in a much more easygoing, much less tense way than most INFPs. He's also an extraordinarily imaginative pendant, who cannot let a mistake go (this comes, I believe, from Ti in the tertiary position). Finally he has that somewhat formal presentation and way of speaking common to most INFJs, especially INFJ men. In my experience INFJs are the Feeling types that look most like Thinking types, and the Introverts that look most like Extraverts. That seems to fit Stephen Fry like glove. -- LeopardGizmo
A6 LeopardGizmo: Socionics is not equivalent to MBTI. The information elements (Extroverted/Introverted Sensing, etc) and the individual dichotomies (Extroversion/Introversion, etc) are for the most part defined differently. -- SLI
A7 Stephen Fry, ESTJ, "the decisive director", Assertive, demeaning, commanding, competitive, courageous, goal-oriented, pragmatic, Punctual, Organized etc. Stephen Fry on the Joys of Swearing

-- jgbr
A8 I have just gone to see Stephen Fry read exerts from his new book and the level of detail and verbal articulacy was just so high I can't help but see him as an S in some form. He seems to go into words in a way that I can only associate with an S! I am very sure he is a F. So I thought ESF_. I'm going to need to chew this over. -- Samantha Darley
A9 [this is from the MBTI point of view-I am unfamiliar with the differences between the MBTI and socionics] I've read both of Mr Fry's autobiographies now, and they lead me to believe that he might be an ENFP. E: He admits that he has always desired fame and attention. (And I'm sure many would agree that this is the impression he gives.) He loves to talk, and is a great improviser (which is not to say that an introvert couldn't be, but introverts tend to prefer to take a moment to think over what they're going to say before they say it). He's quite open about himself, his opinions, and his past, whereas an introvert could be more reserved. Similarly, I'm not sure too many introverts would feel comfortable or interested in maintaining a Twitter feed as actively as Mr Fry does. N: This seems quite clear to me! He's clearly very interested in understanding the reasons, meaning, and symbolism behind life and human actions. He loves to play with ideas and discuss theoretical questions. F: Mr Fry comes across as a rather sensitive individual. He's quite outwardly affectionate (for example, he ends a lot of his Tweets with pet names, hugs and kisses.) A Thinking type might be a bit uncomfortable with this. In his autobiographies he tends to spend a lot of time talking about his emotions. He also responds very negatively to criticism (take threatening to leave Twitter after the whole recent "women-don't-like-sex" misunderstanding/incident. If you're unfamiliar with this, just search Google for "stephen fry women.") P: In his autobiography, Mr Fry describes his tendency towards spontaneous actions like buying expensive cars and computers. This probably also has to do with his bipolar disorder, but this kind of unplanned, go-with-the-flow life fits with the idea of the Perceiving attitude. Rereading this I'm sure I sound like I'm pretending to know Stephen Fry personally. I don't, of course. Like I said, this is my best guess based off his autobiographies. -- Anonymous
A10 I would agree with ENFP for Stephen Fry as he is now. The E and P are self evident as explained above. Regarding N and F, and without wishing to over-simplify the painstaking work of Myers and Briggs, NF together indicates an idealist personality. An idealist generally sees the best in people. Many people would say this describes Stephen as he is now. I wonder, however, if he used to be more ENTP in his younger days. In his latest book he says he used to be critical of how others would enunciate on stage whereas now he is much more tolerant. As he says, he's worn that mask of tolerance for so long it has become the face and he says he genuinely means it now. -- Daniel
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