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Question #1260034952Saturday, 5-Dec-2009
Category: ESFj Cheating
there was a question regarding Intj and cheating, so I'd like to now ask the question regarding Esfj: on the scale of 1-10, with 1 being very faithful and 10 very unfaithful, where would you place ESFj in terms of a relationship and if you wish include whether you've had first hand experience, witnessed a common trait or just like wild speculation. As a secondary question: do you think when partners split for awhile and one partner sees other people, do you consider that fun on neutral grounds or just plain immaturity? Lastly do you consider a boyfriend who cheats on his girlfriend a sign of things to come that one day the husband will cheat on his wife and later in life the father will cheat on the mother of his children? Do you consider cheating to be always sever no matter the degree of committment, quality of the relationship, length of the relationship, responsiblity of the partners and general happiness? -- Anonymous
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A1 Atleast once in their lives, most people cheat on somebody. The shameless people live carefree. They don't really care. Does he struggle? Real regret or does he make excuses? Cuz nevermind before, if he is responsible and he wants to make this world a better place, then he be the man who will preserve loyalties in the future. He can work very hard and do it. Most people only make the excuses without thinking they should be the change, to look in the mirror. Then more cheating is garuanteed whenever unhappy or wanting it bad enough. -- Anonymous
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A2 Im friends with an ESFJ girl who cheated on her boyfriend all the time. We went away together for 3 weeks and she seemed almost desperate to get with somebody else. I think its because ESFJs need approval or positive feedback from other people to feel good about themselves, and what better approval than knowing that somebody is attracted to you. I think her bf is an ISTP, and they are not very big on expressing emotions. -- Anonymous
A3 Sigh... I have never cheated on someone. quintessential INFP perspective...and that was once -- Anonymous
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