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Question #1258671942Thursday, 19-Nov-2009
Category: Type me!!!
I can't seem to figure out what type I am...not that it bothers me much though. Hmm...I guess you could say I'm shy at first, but after I've warmed up a bit...I will talk up a storm. I generally don't feel comfortable disclosing my true thoughts with most people though. I don't feel like I have much in common with most people, really. So I just end up putting on a face, but I certainly don't mind it. It's a role I love play often....I consider myself a very rational person, but also very idealistic and focused on morals, feelings, etc...I highly value things like duty and honor. I can't stand people that don't fulfill their responsibilities to the very best of their ability. Hmm...I love busy work, and really any time of work that involves following step by step processes. Oh, another thing...In romantic relationships, I tend to be very domineering, but affectionate. (: Hmm...random things I love: cute things, my friends, reading, psychology, foreign films, take-out, optimism, altruism, cleanliness, pastel colors, rainy days, hugs, cheesy asian dramas, sleeping in, baking, cupcakes, hearts, firefox, nonverbal communication, romantic comedies, innocence, wikipedia, instant noodles, sleepovers, bubble bathes, old movies, writing, springtime, tradition, talking on the phone, modesty, long walks, the holidays, bows, mbti, politics, cold weather, simplicity, and weekends. And things I dislike: rudeness, texting, pessimism, weaboos, nighttime, adderall, traveling, insomnia, insincerity, attention whores, being late, hedonism, insensitivity, typos, fluorescent lighting, video games, hypocrites, and narrow-mindedness. Oh, and I have an obsession with innocence...probably because I never got to be a child...which leaves with various personality flaws that deeply affect my life. For example, I have a tendency to be quite selfish at times. Type me? -- Anonymous
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A1 Well as you list specific things, I would say you're an S, and you also seem like Fe and p. So my suggestion is ISFp. But I very much disagree with the descriptions of ISFps and ISFjs on this site. The ISFp description suits my dad who is an ISFj, and the ISFj description suits nobody I know, I think people like this almost don't exist. The ISFps I know are more like ISFJs in MBTI. -- Ezis (ESFp)
A2 You scare me you love innocence and it leads to personality flaws? "example" to tend to be selfish? You seem XSTj? -- Anonymous
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A3 That is 90% me as well-I don't like asian dramas and I like nighttime. I don't know my type either. -- Anonymous
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