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Question #1257603683Saturday, 7-Nov-2009
Category: Cheating ENTp
Do ENTp's cheat? If so why? If not why? -- Anonymous
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A1 You ever read the childrens short story, Everybody Poops? Well, the same applies to cheating. -- Anonymous
A2 In that case, I've been constipated for a looooong time -- INFpoo
A3 My sister was cheated on by her entp boyfriend when she was 9 months pregnant with his daughter. Why? I don't know maybe he got impatient. -- Anonymous
A4 Im an INFP and i've never cheated or had thoughs of cheating, except maby on a test but i didnt like it. it didnt feel right. -- Anonymous
A5 They sure can, but not all do. Whether or not someone cheats in a relationship has many other factors beyond just type. -- Anonymous
A6 When playing UNO I will look at other people's hands, tell them which card to play, and then laugh when they realize I'm cheating. I only cheat when there is no chance of any punishment. The secret is to not make it logical to cheat, and in a decent relationship this would never be the case. -- Anonymous
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A7 ENTPs might cheat but most will feel grave remorse both before and after. This happens, usually earlier in their life, should they be seriously denied of their emotional and/or sexual needs for too long (as in YEARS). But if it happens, they cannot keep it from their partners, willingly confess, and experience deep pain for hurting ANYone. They are apt to warn their partners if they are tempted. Might toy with changing the nature of the relationship to an open one if they think there is a chance of agreement (despite that this is not the ENTPs ideal). You must realize that their NT natures are so focused on theoretical mastery and fairness that after a horrid experience of unfaithfulness, they are opt to devise self-control methods whereby the cheating WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN for the sake of not hurting any other parties/pre-existing relationships. Pair an ENTP with his dual who truly loves him, respects him (instead of just hanging out with or using him), and can share atleast one mutual interest, and that lucky ENTP will be privately yet passionately faithful to his dual forever!!! -- Anonymous
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