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Question #1255597191Thursday, 15-Oct-2009
Category: Celebrities Typing
What is Angelina Jolie's personality type? -- Rhia
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A1 I'm not sure of her type, she's a bit mysterious, but as she seems to have a Dual relationhsip with Brad Pitt who is an ENTj ( claims this and I agree), I guess she's an ISFj. Se as her creative function would definitely make sense. -- Ezis (ESFp)
A2 ISTp -- Anonymous
A3 INFP. She had a "troubled" childhood, which is actually described in the Keirsey description of INFP, although I believe the exact words were more like, "misunderstood." Angelina has that mysteriously beautiful INFP vibe for sure. Beta Quadra romance and passion, she seems to have although of course I don't know her personally . I do believe that a look at relationships to other types can help with accuracy when typing. But I think Brad Pitt is closer to ESFP than ENTJ. But who knows. I really have little knowledge about his personal life. -- Mandie Pandie
A4 Jolie had a troubled childhood because she grew up in a broken home with an a-hole for a dad. I think A2 might be correct because Jolie is a thrill seeker who likes to fly planes, play characters like assasins & spies and say things she knows will shock people. She seems like an intelligent and somewhat thoughtful person in interviews but she does not talk like an INFp. She's very to the point and not philosophical. Megan Fox reminds me a lot of her and she also acts like an ISTp. -- INFp
A5 just because a person has had a troubled childhood that doesn't automatically mean they're an INFp. not by a long shot. On top of that, a lot of women, not just INFp's, are 'mysteriously beautiful'. She seems too consistently bold and sure of herself to be an INFp, but as to what her type is, i can't say for sure. ISFj sounds highly plausible in light of that strong-yet-held-back-will vibe she gives off. -- S
A6 Definitely ISTp. Compare her face with the bald guy in the VI test and it looks just like her. In the ISTp physical description it says they have a mysterious look in their eyes and can be seen as rebellious people. -- Anonymous
A7 She's an ENTp. She's reassembling INFp. She shares with ISFj. -- :-)
A8 she is either ISTP or ISFP. And Brad Pitt sure ain't ENTJ. LOL... -- Anonymous
A9 She could be ENFp-ISFj -- Anonymous
A10 Angelina Jolie, ISTP, Challenging, courageous, independent, nonconforming,

-- jgbr
A11 I second that, jgbr. She is clearly an ISTp. I've read and seen interviews of hers and she doesn't come off like an INFp (regardless of her features) or any other type except an ISTp. -- Anonymous
A12 Have you seen early photos of Jolie? Very emo. -- Anonymous
A13 She's very ISTp -- Anonymous
A14 Yes I have seen a few of them. She looks quite confused on those photos. -- jgbr
A15 are you saying that if someone looks emo then they are IEI? again we're back to the troubled childhood. personally i think, not only is she ISTp but she's also a good example of someone of the type. she looks very reserved and pretty relaxed in pictures that aren't posed, she takes roles that are normally adventurous. and again this is just my opinion, but i think that all of the things she does for the people and countries that need it, i would say has a lot to do with her hidden agenda. -- Anonymous
A16 if she is ISTP, any idea of her subtype? I always pegged brad pitt for a ENFP, Fi subtype -- Anonymous
A17 sometimes she seems so very sensual it's hard not to imagine her Si dominant. normally see brad typed as ENTj, Ni subtype perhaps? -- Anonymous
A18 A16, imo sensory subtype. -- Anonymous
A19 The reason why so many people are confused as to what type she is -INFp or ISTp- is because she is an ISFp imo. She is an Si subtype ISFp and Brad Pitt is ENTp Ne subtype. -- Anonymous
A20 INTJ or INFJ. That girl appears deep, reserved, serious, intense, independent and oozes control. Definitely not an extrovert. When I think of an extrovert I think of people like Will Smith and Oprah Winfrey etc. -- Anonymous
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A21 Shes an ENFJ at least thats what I see her as. -- Anonymous
A22 She is ISFp i think , she looks like Claire Forlani who is already typed as being ISFp in celebrities page. -- Serag
A23 I think INFP. A well validated one. Her acting roles tend to be tough/bad girl ENTP, but I don't think that is who she is inside. She likes to be home, says she has no friends, and is passionate about causes. She is good in one on one interviews, but on late night shows with audiences she is not very extroverted at all. I think the Gemini masculine sign adds to her boldness. She is very emotional. Brad said, " She is very strong but very sensitive" I don't see ISTP at all, they are more care free. My humble opinion...ISTPs writing and direction movies? Brad is the quiet ISTP, if you ask me. -- Anonymous
A24 ESTp. She on earth is she an introvert?. -- Anonymous
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