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Question #1255088137Friday, 9-Oct-2009
Category: INTp Functions Theory Models Personality
How does INTps' id block(Introverted Logic, Extroverted Intuition) manifests itself in their daily lives and behaviour? -- Freigeist
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A1 From Extroverted intuition Although ILIs may have the ability to brainstorm and develop lots of new and unconventional ideas, doing so may not always come naturally to them. In contrast to leading types, ILIs are likely to be relatively immotile in the ideas that they consider. Whereas leading types may jump from idea to idea in succession, ILIs are likely to focus more closely on a more limited batch of mental themes. ILIs are also often critical of new ideas which do not correspond to their overall understanding of a subject. ILIs often believe that a well developed understanding of a situation is of greater importance than a deep understanding of the potential outcomes. To an ILI, it would be a silly exercise to simply list a number of possible outcomes without considering the likelihood of their realization and why they may or may not come to pass. ILIs may be more apt to take a more practical or imagination-oriented approach to evaluating the outside world. They are unlikely to generate ideas simply for the sake of generating new and unusual ideas, but may seek to instead expand upon aspects of their own internal realities - such as thinking of possible characteristics or plots for inner mental universes. Additionally, they may seek to exert their mental faculties to deal with ideas in the real world, such as those pertaining to areas like economics, politics, or anything regarding the development of modern society. ILIs often have difficulty adapting themselves to new intellectual interests. They instead seek to limit the amount of new information that they have to learn. Consequently, they may recycle interests until the same interests become a drudgery, even so much that intellectual progress becomes stunted. Introverted logic ILIs naturally possess a strong command of logical systems such as formal logic and mathematics. However, they tend to be very skeptical of extensively systematic explanations of real-world phenomena. While they readily acknowledge the usefulness of many proven systematic, mathematical, and symmetrical systems in science, they tend to be disdainful of theoretical and practical models that describe an absolute reality or that do not have some empirical basis. The ILI vision of reality, scientific, philosophical, or otherwise, is that of one self-contained universe of too many processes and mysteries to count. ILIs often reject absolutist explanations, and often fall into a constant cycle of dynamically reevaluating their informational outlook (ie "this may change, but at the moment i sort of am inclined to think the facts suggest that droog is better than blinth, despite these plausible alternative interpretations"). In relation to socionics in particular, ILIs often adamantly reject or do not consider of much importance certain extensively systematic and unproven aspects of the theory, such as Supersocion theory. -- solo
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A2 It would be hard to explain that to INTp There is no clear logic in that, it's a very indivdual, what you do, what relationships do you have, what are your believes etc it all makes the pictrue of how your hidden agenda will manifest. I think the question is bad, becase you want straight answer to everything. This is not the question you should ask people who dont know you. Ask some ENFj who knows you good. -- :-)
A3 Excuse me, my other answer isn't at its correct place. -- piccolo_michel
A4 Socionics INTp (ILI) is "introverted intuition" + "extraverted logic". MBTI INTP can be either LII or ILI or even anything else as functions don't have the same meaning in both systems. The "hidden agenda" thing belongs to Socionics. Socionics is more about intertype relations and MBTT (Myers-Briggs type theory) is more about apparent behavior. -- piccolo_michel
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