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Question #1255088101Friday, 9-Oct-2009
Category: INFp Attraction Love Relationship
I'm an INFp,and I honestly feel like my ideal partner is another INFp. I know being in a mirrored relationship sounds like it could grow boring,or that since your partner has all the same ideas and feelings as you,you wouldint help the other grow,but the way I see it,I feel like I could achieve so much intamacy with someone who intuitavely understands my feelings and perspectives. With my negatitve traits of introvesion,idealisim,and occasionally questioning self worth or ability,I usually feel alone. I have a hard time meeting people or finding people that understand me...its because of that that I enjoy being reminded of myself (regardless of how much I may or may not actually like myself...)am I the only infp that feels that way? -- kristie
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A1 My girlfriend's an INFp, and I wouldn't like any other type as much. I'm not sure I completely agree with duality, always, either. Male ESTp's in particular, I tend not to trust. So, yes, I agree with you. -- Simon the INFp
A2 You deserve a sex 4 times a day, this would stop you thinking this way. -- :-)
A3 I'm an INFP, and although I don't know about romantic relationships, my best friend for years has been another INFP and it is for the very reasons you listed. We seem to have an implicit understanding of each other's points of view even when they vary. And I absolutely agree with the prior post, sex 4 times a day would definitely help... but probably help most with another INFP -- Anonymous
A4 Yes i agree, my partner is INFP and so am i, we only got together later in life - i think the benefits of inate understanding outweight the pitfalls of geting bored. We keep things interesting between us and i probably do more of the extroverted stuff than he does just to keep us lively. I've found being an introvert it is good to be with another introvert who understands the need for solitude and time out. -- charlie
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A5 The idea behind a duel is that they not only understand you, but can do something else to help you about your weaknesses. You hopefully have more than one friend, and each friend brings something different. Having an INFp friend would be good, because they would understand you, but for a life partner duel is the optimum. Also, INFp's need to be poked to be poked. -- Anonymous
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