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Question #1254158075Monday, 28-Sep-2009
Category: Stereotype Politics
Are any types prone to particular political leanings? For instance, I'm an INTP and a libertarian. -- Anonymous
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A1 ENTp's are radicals ISTj's are conservatives -- :-)
A2 As an ENTp I am up for radical solutions, not as a consequence of political inclination, but more like; if one or more established procedure does'nt work good, scratch the procedure and all relevant laws and regulations, and even to a certain degree, replace all personell involved in the failure. That is the ideal. Rip it up with the roots. Then reframe a new approach for a more sustainable outcome. Whether the failed procedures are on the left or right part of the political "watershed" has no relevance, neither practically or philosophically. Consequentially, I do not vote either, and accordingly do not consider myself as neither radical or conservative, depends on what works good in one specific field of interest, at one specific crossroad of time, space and reality. Which is highly dynamic. Those failures I mentioned are quite well distributed and dispersed along the entire political scale after all. -- ENTp
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A3 I've known a few ISTp and INFj libertarians. ISFj, ISTjs, ISTjs and ESFjs tend to be more conservative (Republican in the US). Every INFp I've ever met has been a liberal, along with several ENFps and ENTps. Political leanings of course have other factors besides type e.i. family's political beliefs and area you live. -- Anonymous
A4 As a rule of thumb, J types tend to be more conservative and and P types tend to be more liberal. I've known a couple ISTp libertarians, and kind of lean that way as I get older. Though as mentioned earlier, there are many other factors. -- Anonymous
A5 I've always found librarians to be bookish. just kidding, As an ISTP, I find that I am very skeptical and can be anti-authority. -- Anonymous
A6 HA can play a large role in someones political leanings -- Cyclops
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