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Question #1254043388Sunday, 27-Sep-2009
Category: ISFp INFj Stereotype
Where would I usually find an ISFp and/or an INFj at? -- ENTp
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A1 Once somebody told me "we`ve hired a writer", then I though, damn, let's see if he's INFj and he was! -- Anonymous
A2 As an INFj, I can be found at a health food store, a farmer's market, gardening, an art gallery or studio, outdoors taking pictures of nature, playing tennis, in a small gathering with close friends, at the symphony, at a thrift shop, at the library, volunteering for a charity, at church services, etc. It would be more difficult to find me at a huge public event or anywhere there is a large crowd. I strongly dislike large crowds, loud noise and too much stimulation. If I have to be present in such a situation I am quick to make an exit. I even prefer grocery shopping early in the morning when no one else is in the store. I hope this helps! -- Anonymous
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A3 As an ISFp, I spent most of my time home. -- Anonymous
A4 I understand why this could be difficult due to the fact that we infj's make an effort to remain unnoticed and inconspicuous. I can be found at bookstores, libraries, it most obvious that I am an infj in my psych classes, on forums and with close friends. I rarely ever let my guard down, if I do it's either when alone or with a trusted friend. A lot of us are on youtube with our infj video's or on personality related forms. If you want to know what we like, poetry, moral causes, soft emotional music, classical stuff and writing. So maybe a short story or poetry forum or psych club. Hope I was helpful. We are ever evasive, elusive and introverted. Good luck. An INFJ -- Anonymous
A5 I'm an INFj and spend most of my time at work and at home, haha. I'm either alone or with close friends and family. INFjs also tend to have a spiritual practice, so they may be at church or temple. We're quiet, guarded and very inconspicuous in public. We do not like loud, rowdy atmospheres and do not like competition. I like to go to cafes, bookstores, and libraries. I like hiking, but usually don't go by myself. In school I always took humanities classes: music, literature, poetry, foreign languages, religion, and psychology. We like to spend some free time helping others, too, so we might be involved in charity work. One of my closest friends is an ISFp. She also tends to spend a lot of time at home. She likes to laze around and watch movies, listen to music, or bake. She loves going to flea markets and thrift stores to look for inexpensive, unique little knick-knacks. She's a very talented artist and also sews very well. She takes a lot of photos. She collects little pretty things like marbles, jewelry boxes, etc. She was recently in a musical. She goes to quite a few concerts, too, and loves to go out to eat with friends (me too!). -- Anonymous
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