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Question #1253630338Tuesday, 22-Sep-2009
Category: ISTp Stereotype
Where do ISTP's like to hang out? Museums? Yoga? Meditation classes? These are my best guesses as an ENFP, but I can't find any of you there! -- ENFPinNYC
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A1 Hey ENFP. We are looking for you too, but not there. We are action oriented so look for us at the park with the dog. We may be at home in the garden, or any solitary activity. Makes us hard to be found I'm afraid. Just look for the guy/gal in the corner at your next party. Get a party game going and see if he suddenly comes to life. That's him! -- Anonymous
A2 On their porches, drinking beer. On a boat with family and friends for a wild party weekend. Home, trying to get better acquainted with the latest family pet. Running a routine errand, but incessantly gabbing with the regulars working there. In the back of their work truck, doing anything other than what they were originally assigned to do, because they found a quick way to take care of those duties long ago and are now resourcefully taking advantage of their situation to get some personal matters resolved ... -- Anonymous
A3 Sports I think - but doing now watching. I'm also told they like to hang out in the corners of rooms.... -- Anonymous
A4 repairing a small scale model alone in cellar, or any other engine in a garage... or walking alone on mountains or any other solitary activity. If they aren't alone they are with other people who are interested in the same moment in the same particular activity... ISTps don't enjoy social meeting without ONE and only one particular topic of interest. They use such meetings in order to learn from other members about this interest or in order to give some advices. An other member seldom will be seen as a person. He almost always will be seen as someone with this or that interest. So if you want to find an ISTp you first have to choose which main interest you need to share with him/her! -- piccolo_michel
A5 Really any place there is an activity. Not a huge fan of spending money, so places where unneeded money is spent won't work. I try to avoid parties, but I usually end up going and showing up late anyway and having a good time. Once I get a few drinks in me, I can be a motor mouth sometimes. I do run the beer pong table like its my job. Baron Davis 3 pointers -- ISTp
A6 Hunting, fishing, farming, sports, working out at the gym, working on least the ISTps that I know -- JR
A7 my brother is an ISTp and he likes to hang out in deserts and sewers -- Anonymous
A8 lol at the posts about istps in corners. its true. one istp i knew from my charter high school picked a computer hidden BEHIND the door. lol. And go to an indoor ice skating rink if you want to find istps. Theyre everywhere. Trust me i work at one. -- enfp<3
A9 Komikon -- rina
A10 Ksrate and judo classes. -- :-)
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A11 Sports? Oh dear, I'm in trouble. I can do corners in rooms, but I don't know about sports. That sounds pretty boring. Unless they're interesting, wacky, off the wall things, like... trapeze or something. The skating rink has potential. Which brings me to the next question- does an ENFP need to wait for as ISTP to approach her? OR the other way round, how should and ENFP approach an ISTP? -- ENFPinNYC
A12 "Should an ENFP wait for an ISTP?" Nope. You will be waitng forever. You need to drop not-very subtle hints, make eye contact, and give him some attention. As for the sports thing, the ISTP just wants to be engaged in some activity, physical or mental. We aren't great talking about ourselves, so it helps if there is a distraction. -- Anonymous
A13 lets brother is an ISTp and he pretty much just hangs out with his friends and smokes weed in mysterious places. -- Anonymous
A14 LOL one of my best friends is ISTp and he looooves smokin weed! He is also very mechanical and doesn't really go out much. -- Anonymous
A15 Skating rink? Why so far away, ENFp? Come to Virginia! Or at least take a day trip to Jersey. I have relatives there you, see. Anyway, yes. Distraction helps. Me, I like video games. What better way to be engaged with other people without *really* being engaged with them? I also like taking walks. In any type of weather, too. Or driving around with the windows down blasting music. -- ISTp91
A16 I usually go for night walks hoping to bump into someone and get to know them, also my brother being an ENTJ, we have an uneasy relationship as im the supervisor and hes the supervise-e, and since hes older ive been benefiting from him and havent given anything in return for the majority of my life, so i give him his space and me needing mine i leave the house at night and wander for 3 hours. Id say you'll find the ISTP where he/she does not really want to be found by just anyone or anyone at that matter. I was walking last night and there were a bunch of hoodlums(same age group) and i got quite aggravated and was really wondering why so many people were out at midnight on a wednesday. -- ISTP
A17 Where are you? -- Anonymous
A18 Upscale strip clubs!!! Maybe regular ones too, but I've been waitressing at one for 3 weeks and two are waitresses (one turned dancer last night...) and I know at least 1 more is a dancer. For males, two of the doorman/bouncers are ISTp, and theres a nice ISTp bar back and a mean rude evil!!! ex-marine bar back is ISTp. So 6 clearly identifiable ISTps are working at a strip club. -- A8
A19 As an ISTP I will tell you it is hard to approch us, specially in public. Simply look for our interest to start a conversation. Do not attempt corney lines you will be shut down or simply coldly ignored. -- Dazvet
A20 Definitely sports of some kind. I'm an ISTP girl and normally found on the rugby pitch, in the gym, on the netball court, walking the dog, riding a horse. OR in a corner. That bit is true. Normally looking mysterious. You most likely would need to approach the ISTP. Just try and start general conversation like ask about the dog, or the sport or whatever you found them doing. And try and show interest when they go into great detail about it. And don't take it personally if they dont look so interested in you. We play hard to get. Hard to get to know. You have to make the effort to get in our heads! -- istp girl
A21 Once you find an istp discern what one of their interests are and you can easily engage them in conversation. My bf is an enfp and we very quickly established we both liked animals and he let me show him pictures of my dog and he showed me his cat. Things moved easily from there. -- Anonymous
A22 To chime in regarding sports, focus on solo ones. I hate team sports (surprise surprise), but LOVE things like rock climbing, archery, more intense power yoga classes (NOT meditation-based), weightlifting, etc. A19 had a terrific point in that the best way to approach us is by identifying an interest and using that. I know that I'll sometimes leave intentional clues about my interest in case someone sees something we have in common and cares to start up a conversation - swipe card on my keychain, logo on my jacket, etc. Don't know if cheesy lines are actually dealbreakers however. I've never had someone actually use a cheesy line on me, but I feel like I would be horribly amused and at least be willing to give a chance to the person who had the balls to use such a line. You'd have to be self-aware though of course. -- Lena
A23 So, to add to the conversation... I am INFj and have had an ISTp increasingly interested in me for the past 3 years - at least. I've known him for forever, though not well, but I began knowing him better 4.5 years ago after he began doing sound for the group with which I played as pianist. I just now realized in reading through all the above that he was probably doing toward me what everyone is recommending others do toward an ISTp to get to know them and set up potential relationships! Nice, slow, non-threatening way of getting to know someone. Ha! Yes, do it right back to them... -- Anonymous
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