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Question #1252752752Saturday, 12-Sep-2009
Category: Duality Marriage Advice
I just stumbled upon this site, like, a day ago and was curious what my type was. Being very analytical, curious, and logical, I took all of the tests many times and kept getting the same, equally varied results of INTj, INTp, and INTx. Is this normal/common? How should I go about finding a duality because the two INT types appear to not have interchangeable duality types? What type should I go for? I am a 19 year old, straight, white, male, and I want to have a long-term relationship in the hopes of one day getting married and starting a family. So what should I look for as a duality? Thanks =) O, I also completely agree with and fit both of the descriptions for the INTj and INTp -Dragifon -- dragifon
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A1 It's so common, in fact, for INTs to wonder if they are INTp or INTj that As far as what you should go for in a woman, I would reply to your question with some questions. Do you prefer A) sassy women with breezy confidence? You know, the kind of women who exude sex appeal, always know what they want, but would get what they want a lot more often if only they could stop falling for the wrong guys? Or B) do you like gushy women who love calendars and dinner parties, have plenty of nervous energy, and make it a point to show everyone how much they care, all the time? If you picked A, you are probably an INTp. If you picked B, you are probably an INTj. I also find that INT identical pairs work better than average. -- ENTj
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A2 A1, no offence, I really should'nt be here in the first place, type irrelevance I guess, but I appreciate the differentiating scenario options often seen here, like the A-B option of preference. I usually have difficulty seeing the merits of one option exclusively, as both options to me are situation and condition dependant. For this one, I would have taken them both. Dress properly for the proper occation, or something like that. Formerly ENTJ, via INTp to ENTp. -- Formerly ENTJ, via INTp to ENTp.
A3 INTJ INTJ INTJ!!! YAY!! lol I don't know why, but this makes me so happy! To finally understand myself. Well, it does make sense now, cuz', I'M INTJ!!! (^^, I will do my best to be the best INTj I can possibly be, I will change the world with my insatiable desire for understanding and knowledge. I will make the BEST mmorpg video game EVER!!!!!!!! A1, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! =D I definitely prefer the type be woman. I do think I would like a little sassiness from time to time, but I like to feel cared for and I like high energy people because their energy energizes me and I like that...a lot X] -- Dragifon (INTJ!!!!!!!!!!) XD
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