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Question #1252266306Sunday, 6-Sep-2009
Category: ENTp ISFp Duality Astrology Visual Identification
I wanted to take time off building my space ship, and pour my thoughts here: Ever since I talked with my good ol' ENFp friend (I actually have two best friends of this type) about this whole duality thing, I became extremely interested in the subject more then ever. Before I begin, I just wanted to say I know this may come across as bragging, but **** it; I've met hundreds of women in every type of situation you can think of; malls, clubs, bars, campus, bookstores, even the airport. I come across very direct, honest, and sometimes silly. Anyways, I had lots of fun memorable times—I'm still open to it—but I want to try something more deeper since I figure there is no perfect time for a solid relationship. Now, usually for the fun of it when I get to know these women, I ask them their sign, and I get stunned and surprised when over 70% of the women I'm attracted are Pisceans. I remember asking one lady specifically, "Why I'm I attracted to you Pisces?!" she giggled and said "It must be a dreamy look." That made me laugh because she was right. For some reason I like the look of dreaminess. Now visually, I consider the women I'm attracted to a fashionable style like Ivanka Trump, Eva Longoria, to Kim Kardashian. Like a city girl. When I get to know them on a personal level, obviously the one thing that turns me on the most is silliness, kindness, and intellectualness. Somebody who gets it, and has balance. Not too much of one thing. It's hard to explain. Only 3 women out of a thousand still stand out to me, but they were in relationships at the time, so nothing came about from them. I never knew their types (except 2 being Pisces and 1 a Cancer) but all I can say is they were very childish, innocent, very sensitive, yet understanding, smart, and mature. That attracted me to them like a magnet. Now my question is, where would a (or you missy) ISFp hang out at usually? In a group, what are you usually doing? Is there something they would't be doing at all? Is there one definite distinction that I can see while I see you? or when I'm talking with you? Any other hints, tips, or advice on my quest to spot a ISFp? or better yet, any ENTps out there that can share their experiences with their dual? The idea of finding my dual sounds exciting and I'm ready for the hunt. As Johnny 5 says, I need input! Thanks. P.S. Yes, I'm a 100% ENTP/ENTp, it's been checked, re-checked from this site, counselors, companies, FDA, NSA... -- Christian the ENTp, Wood Ox, Jaguar, Aries man.
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A1 Bookstores, art studios and galleries, science museums, cultural events, coffee shops, greenhouses, college campuses ... oh, and maybe someone you already know and are friends with but are overlooking her value for some strange reason? -- Anonymous
A2 With family, friends, casinos and other recreational places. -- Anonymous
A3 I think overlooking value is always an issue when looking at any Ixxx. Meet lots of people in casual situations is probably best bet. -- Anonymous
A4 Hey A1 and A3, what do you mean by "overlooking (her) value" ...? Could you guys explain it differently? And by casual situations do you mean what I normally do minus the bars/clubs? -- Christian the ENTp, Wood Ox, Jaguar, Aries man.
A5 I met a dual through an acquaintence that I reconnected with from years ago. They were cousins. The first interaction (in a group setting) was interesting, but my dual finds meeting new people uncomfortable, and I truly did overlook my dual as someone simple and not worthy of pursuit, because I saw my dual's shortcomings. It did take quite some time and repeated interactions for us to both realize the duality (I was unaware of socionics prior to our meeting). We made each other aware of things that were just on the border of our own awareness. For example, my dual would notice how I was feeling inside when I was unaware because I was daydreaming. I would notice analogies and connections between people we knew and situations we were involved in (including socionics). -- [Ne]
A6 I'm an ENTp, enneagram 8 and... a pisces. Lol, I'm kinda attracted to myself without knowing why. Sorry couldnt resist. I just had to keep that coming. But as a famous writer allegedly said: I feel sorry for those people who cant have a good time without company. -- ENTp
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A7 A6 contd. I would guess that A1 and A3 remarks about overlooking values might have something to do with presets. Which most of us have quite often if not all of the time. Filter everything going in through a mask of preset qualities and judgements. A biased approach if you like. Not recognising the trees for the forest, or something. I have, at least, been there. Now if you are on the one of a thousand trip for beeing attracted by women, well, I tell you, it probably won't be better. I am there now, but on a more narrow 1 of, I dont know, everyone. I am not attracted to attraction anymore if you know what I mean. Duals or non duals alike. They dont attach in my mind like they used to. Even if they give me a rare wow like impression, they fade away almost instantly. Based on this I guess several would be keen to apply 'overlooking values' to explain it all. Which of course would have been relevant if I wanted a relationship. -- ENTp
A8 I'm still in university so beside my room, you would typically find me in the library checking out mountains of books on whatever interest me at the moment. I typically carry a camera with me whenever I go as I love to immerse myself with the my surroundings. Also, you would typically see me on my headphones/earbuds 90% of the times. I don't know about other ISFPs, but when walking, I tend to look aloof when I see people, but if I see something impressive or pretty, like a beautiful sky, I would have an amazed and attentive look on my face toward that object. When I talk, I usually talk fast and sometimes stumble over my own words, or have trouble articulating, because I'm trying to find the right words to say. In a group, I usually don't contribute much but you would find me smiling in amusement if I find a statement particularly interesting. I don't really laugh out loud in a group, but with one on one or a smaller group, then I will do so heartily. I hate small talks and prefer to dive in to whatever the other person or me find interesting. If someone talk to me about something tmi, weird, funny, controversial, or basically not small talks, you would find me responding enthusiastically. When that happens, you would find me nodding along a lot or having that amused look on my face. Strangers or people who don't know me usually think of me as mean, aloof, or quiet but if they approach me, I would be very friendly and nice toward them. I'm not sure if I've ever met any ENTP person, but based on the descriptions and the discussions online, you guys seem like a bunch of weird and interesting people and I really enjoy that. Yeah, I feel like sharing today because usually, I just lurk. -- isfp
A9 Try theater. That's where I met my ENTp Just look for the quiet girl with an artistic streak. -- ISFp
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