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Question #1251274096Wednesday, 26-Aug-2009
Category: Typing Celebrities
What type is Larry David, co-creator of Seinfeld and actor/producer of Curb Your Enthusiasm? -- Anonymous
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A1 INTP because he's a unintentionally rude and a little pedantic. He also seems overly concerned about germs/cleanliness. -- Anonymous
A2 I agree that is a possibility. He definitely VI's as an INTp. He always values efficiency/convenience at the expense of other's feelings. Although he is rather charismatic, he is selective about the people he enjoys talking to.. a lot of times he sees acquaintances and tries to avoid the "stop-and-chat." The reason for N over S is that he always tries to make correlations between people's behavior and random things that happen due to that behavior. He also seems to avoid physical activity. -- Anonymous
A3 try thinking of him as ENTP for awhile and see if your opinions change -- Anonymous
A4 INTj. He v.i.'s as intj to me and doesn't behave like any INTp i've ever met, especially in person. -- gigi
A5 Larry David, actor, writer, comedian and producer, (MBTI: ENTJ), (Socionics: Jack London), Logical, Systematic, Analytical, Decisive, argumentative, provocative, misinterprets events, engages in stubborn and sarcastic exchanges with others etc. -- Anonymous
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A6 i think the character 'george' on seinfeld which is supposed to represent larry david somewhat is soooo estp. But a stressed estp that kind of shows his opposite type (isnt that what happens under stress, a type will become a little bit like their conflicting type?) -- Anonymous
A7 A6. Under stress ("in the grip" of inferior function), a type will become a little bit like their conflicting type. - This may be true. -- jgbr
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