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Question #1251029248Sunday, 23-Aug-2009
Category: Advice INTp INTj Career Business
I am an INTJ who was reassigned at my job to support an INTP boss (I work in project management). We seem to be working well together because I understand her abstract way of communicating through concepts and it doesn't bother me like the way it bothers some of my other co-workers. Do any INTPs have suggestions on how I can better compliment my INTP boss and help him succeed at his job as well as excel in my own under his supervision? Thanks! -- Anonymous
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A1 Be sure to spend some time building warmth and general friendliness with them, this will help the intp (you too, really) to consider you in a sympathetic light during the times when you are having trouble getting points across. Somewhere to rest during those times when one or both of you become confused or exhausted for a time. Practice thinking of several examples and perspectives for your ideas, focusing on spelling out your logical positions, sometimes one example that doesn't seem as clear to you may be the one that allows them to have an ah-ha moment. On average it seems that intp's don't like to "turn on a dime" when it comes to changing strategy or opinion as readily as motivated intj's can, likely due to their strong perceiving function and urge to gather copious evidence to support their new course of action. However they may have observed facts and gathered intuitive hunches about the organization that you may have missed and you can help them analyze. You two sometimes enjoy rational debate at a more vigorous level than most, while still having an agree to disagree respect. They may be able to give you some insights about people and surroundings that passed over your head, and you can in turn help them to be more healthful in actions and habits and not beat themselves up too much, and just as important help them make sure that they aren't being walked on or taken for granted by underlings or superiors. They can become more of a diplomat and contender in the organization, and you can be their strategy coach as long as you can explain your proposed "plays" and they make sense to the intp, and you will learn more of the inner workings of the organization as you too develop as partner. When you become a trusted lieutenant, they will be grateful to have someone with an intj's skill at production and "finding a way" in their corner and will probably allow you more freedom than most other bosses. -- an intj student
A2 There may be a more accurate and efficient way to go about finding the answer to your question. First, you ought to ask this very question, but to the INTP Q&A area. Let them tell you about themselves. Then, take their posts you find helpful, post them here, and ask the INTJs how to amalgamate whatever their thoughts are into an effective way of presenting the suggestions and encouragements they suggest to your boss. I say this not only because it will give us a stack of information to sort and craft into something systematic, pragmatic, and efficient, but also because INTPs are obnoxiously confusing with their "logic" that is hardly logical at all since it is too microcosm and not integrated into . . . well, reality. I would be very surprised if any of us felt we understood what they want and why they want it. At least, if other INTJs have had my luck with INTPs. Now, this is not to say that INTPs aren't brilliant. In fact, they regularly are. However, it is a sort of mad genius that I have had trouble tolerating up-close in my life - but I do maintain a respect for certain abilities they have and them as people . . . but from afar. Good luck with your boss. -- INFx < 3
A3 oh it fits with reality to a fair degree, but as best I can tell the way INTP's go about dealing with reality as objectively as possible is to take into account as many subjective viewpoints as possible and mash them together in the way that both fits certain specific facts or observations, and at the same time, agrees with as many observations as possible/subjective viewpoints there's no real perscribed method for this that I'VE come across, so it's more like we create new logical paradigms automatically without thinking about it, maybe not paradigms, but something, flow, rhythm, something like that... I'm friends with an INTJ, he's very stable, I'm less stable, which has gotten in my way, and so he's ahead, however I'm remarkably knowledgeable about various things that I really have "no reason" to be knowledgeable about, at least right now if I may, I would like to take DnD as an example INTP's are the wizards, INTJ's the enchanters, INTJ's stuff is useful and it is pretty constantly available, INTP's stuff is brilliantly powerful, once in a while, and a drain most of the time due to a lack of longevity, but if you get the chance to use it, and you do, it's like nothing can stand in your way, however if the INTJ backs up the INTP enough, then you not only get the brilliantly powerful moments, but a fairly useful person in general, thanks to the INTJ okay, sticking just with DnD to recap wizard - INTP enchanter - INTJ wizard does his little thing, gets them out of a tight spot that noone could foresee but that the wizard obviously knew would happen soon, is then useless unless the enchanter buffs him up and spends time supporting him, and even looks out for a few minor things that the wizard usually considers beneath him or just can't seem to pay attention to then you have someone channeling their strength through the other person basically, which ends up looking like the medic and the heavy from TF2 in the end in terms of symbiotic relationships -- Anonymous
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A4 Best thing you can do? Keep him organized. We have a tendency to fall into disorder the longer a project goes on, the shorter the better we are able to keep things together, but we get so caught up that our organization tends to fall apart a bit. Also, remember to listen. I think INTJs have a tendency to think 'I know best' (and often they do, because they are usually very intelligent) but at some point your INTP is going to try to talk you into changing your ways or at least considering it, by backing themselves up with facts, so listen to him, don't clam up and dismiss him. And don't take it personally at all, he's just trying to be helpful, it's not any measure on your value as a person or the respect he has for you. in fact you're ability to listen to others opinions will increase his respect for you. Remember that you can be blunt (not that INTJs need the encouragement) and he'll actually probably prefer you to tell things to him plain and simple, even harsh things, so long as your tone is in an 'informative' or 'observational' voice. We don't like it when people act all sweet to us, we think it's patronizing or manipulative, and acting hostile is the surest way to convince us you're a jackass who doesn't know what they are talking about, and you lose all respect. INTPs and INTJs tend to get along very well I think, though, because they value the same kinds of things, so you'll probably be fine, as long as you help him be organized and don't take any criticism personally. -- An INTP female
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